Rivlin: "Presenting Arab Elections as a Threat to the State of Israel"


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State Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin's meeting with Prime Minister and Likud Party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu ended with a meeting of Likud negotiators, Ministers Yariv Levin and Ze'ev Elkin for an update at the President's House. The president was updated by his guests in the political situation and reiterated that he believes that the State of Israel needs a solid and broad unity government as far as possible.

Ruby Rivlin: "The statements made to the Arab and ultra-Orthodox public and to their representatives in the Knesset undermine the very legitimacy of these public relations in the State of Israel, deepen the existing rupture anyway and I demand that everyone in the State of Israel dear to his heart, stop once and for all with these ugly statements."

"The presentation of all Arab elected officials must be condemned as an existential" threat "to the State of Israel or as a" fifth corps ". We live as sovereign in our country, in the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, must ensure equality of rights and a respectful and up-to-date dialogue with all Israeli citizens. "

Eric Bender
19/11/2019 8:53 PM

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