Honorable kings to the Rebbe who boycotted Israel


Roadblocks, a conference attended by thousands of devotees, and the distribution of millions of dollars to individuals and bodies whose sole purpose is the confiscation of the State of Israel and its non-existence: Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum, the Admor of Satmar, came to Israel on Tuesday for his first visit since 2013, and was honored by kings around the world The ultra-Orthodox and the authorities.

Upon the arrival of the Admor in Ben Gurion Airport, he went on a date with one of the great donors of the Hasidim in the Savyon locality and then went on to receive a huge reception at the entrance to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Thousands of children received him and then he spoke to the thousands in the street, along with the rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox community.

Roadblocks in honor of the Rebbe's visit // Photo: David Elimelech / TPS

In his address to thousands of his followers, the Rebbe addressed the political situation and strongly attacked the ultra-Orthodox parties. "They strengthen the infidels and give respect to the prime minister. In the last election, they formed an alliance with parties fighting against them, and today they are going with them. There is no blasphemy in the name of ultra-Orthodox Jews who join forces with those who challenge nations and put all the ultra-Orthodox Jews in danger. "

"In recent days, negotiators are sitting with big haters of religion who say they clearly want to uphold the Torah and keep the commandments. With them they sit and negotiate what kind of decree, half, one-third and one quarantine. They should be able to be partners in this government. Become part of the extermination government despite the fact that until a year ago they fought the same laws, blasphemy, etc., and today they make compromises on everything holy to us. Even at the end it will not succeed and go for further elections. Everyone sees that ultra-Orthodox Jews are ready to negotiate the most important things to the people Israel, all under the guise of helping the ultra-Orthodox inside, this is called Torah Judaism – selling it all Holy Torah so that they can take part in the government, "the rabbi raged.

Rabbi Teitelbaum // Photo: From Wikipedia

The Rebbe also addressed the issue of raising the ultra-Orthodox for the IDF, saying that "today they are doing business with them and giving up the education of Beit Raban infants. Decree as a decree of the Yeshiva's recruitment, which a few years ago was world-shattering, and a gathering of thousands of Jews to pray for the decree, Today, businesses are doing some recruiting. In recent years, they have also started recruiting girls. Today they are sitting quietly and not at all allowed to protest against this. How can a Jew with an emotion of holiness sit quietly when the slave is crying? " He added that "not only do they not fight against them, they also strengthen them. They write in newspapers in amazement at the army and the ultra-Orthodox soldiers."

Satmar Rebbe with his followers // Photo: Lenchowski Brothers

Satmar Hasidism, founded by Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum in 1905, is considered one of the most extreme Hasidic leaders, leading a stiff line against the State of Israel and staunchly opposed to Zionism. Despite the clear line against the state, there are those who think that stork does not do enough. During the Satmar Rebbe's conference in Jerusalem, some ultra-Orthodox ultra-Orthodox factions protested against him, claiming that he was acting sufficiently against the state.

Roadblocks in honor of the Rebbe's visit // Photo: David Elimelech / TPS

The Rebbe's visit to Israel is expected to last about two weeks. Tomorrow (Wednesday) he is expected to reach Mount Scopus, where he will look to the Temple Mount, tearing up a memorial to the Temple that was destroyed 2000 years ago. Dollars for institutions that refuse to take money from the state because they do not recognize it. Later, he will visit the Rashbi tomb in Meron, Safed and another reception in Bnei Brak.

Before the Rebbe's entry into Israel, Knesset members were furious that it was approved. Previously, rabbi's followers claimed that his entry into Israel was delayed due to his opposition to state laws, and some believe his plane had to be stopped at Ben Gurion this time as well. "An admirer of hatred for a country with atheist attitudes is coming to Israel," MK Itzik Shmuli wrote on Twitter, and former MK Meirav Ben Ari claimed it was a disgrace and disgrace. "As BDS activists fight and prevent entry into the country, This crazy rabbi. "

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