Hamas is a rare reference to the political plunder


Hamas mocks: Hamas Deputy Head of Political Bureau, Saleh Al-Aruri, addressed the evening (Tuesday) Difficulties in establishing a government in IsraelAnd argued that this is the beginning of the weakening trend of Israel, politically and economically.

"For decades, there has been a functioning political system in Israel, through which it has enjoyed good relations with the world," Aruri argued. "Not so lately. Netanyahu is having trouble establishing a government and succeeding in the political crisis. Therefore, Israel's political relations will also deteriorate, and so will the economic and all this regime will weaken," he claimed.

Following these remarks, a senior terrorist organization also addressed the possibility of a prisoner and missing exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, and presented the organization's demands from Israel. "Our conditions for negotiating prisoner exchange are the release of prisoners of a ruler and serious negotiations," he said.

Earlier this month, Hamas head of the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, attacked Blue and Ben Gantz chairman, calling him "the next leader of the occupation." Sinwar threatened Gantz During a meeting with the organization's political bureau chairman, Ismail Haniyeh and UN envoy to the Gaza Strip, Sergei Maldanov, during the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip, said "If you dare to take stupid action against the resistance in Gaza, you will regret the day your mother gave birth to you" .

In an interview later that day, Sinwar also addressed the political plumber in Israel, saying: "Completion of prisoners' deal with Israel is currently impossible due to the political situation in Israel and the space created under its leadership." He also claimed that "they do not even have a government that can agree on a budget or limited government to discuss a security issue such as the Iranian threat, for example." He emphasized that alongside this, they are of course ready to release the prisoners and make every possible effort to do so.

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