Foreign Ministry responds: The European Court of Justice is dragged into a political campaign against Israel


BMinistry of Foreign Affairs We have long been preparing for a critical decision by the European Court on product labeling, at a hearing that should have touched on the Pisgat Winery, but the significance of the decision may have an impact export Of many products from Israel and not just products exported from the Judea and Samaria area, even though the Tribunal's decision Concerns the marking of products manufactured in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

The 28 EU member states are Israel's main trading partner. 32% of Israel's goods exports are directed to the Union countries, reaching $ 16-15 billion a year. About a quarter of total EU exports come from pharmaceutical and medical products exports.

The Foreign Ministry said today that Israel strongly rejects the decision of the European Court of Justice. "The tribunal has been dragged into a political campaign, the purpose of which is to implement a double standard against Israel and uniquely unique. There are about 200 different territorial disputes around the world that have not ruled on or even referred to in the court regarding their products.

"The decision distorts peace and contradicts the EU's own positions. Such decisions strengthen the Palestinian Authority's refusal to negotiate directly with Israel and give back to Israeli haters and radicals who promote boycotts against Israel and deny its right to exist."

foreign Minister, Israel Katz, He said: "The decision of the European Court of Appeal is morally and morally wrong, and I intend to work with the European foreign ministers to ensure the prevention of the implementation of this erroneous and serious policy, which also contradicts European policy to promote the end of the conflict through direct negotiations and without preconditions and not through legal rulings." .

also Summit Winery They issued a statement saying the decision of the European Court of Justice today encourages confiscation of Israeli products and legitimacy against the State of Israel. She is also tainted with discrimination, double morality and severe hypocrisy. "This decision is made on the day that Palestinian terrorist organizations fire rockets at millions of Israeli civilians."

Winery CEO Jacob Berg said: "Psagot Winery is proud of its contribution to the fight against this decision and intends to continue fighting it. We are encouraged by the support we have received from relevant officials in Israel and the United States including the State Department, Senate and Congress. We have actually seen this as a great mission for Israelis and Jews. We acted as Israelis living in a settlement established with the approval of the Israeli government and who only seek to produce and export quality wine that has earned itself a reputation worldwide. The decision is turning the world back and is not a good fit for the current period so it is unacceptable to us and we will continue to fight it. "

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The decision of the Psagot Winery was a mistake

However, "Globes" has been told in recent weeks, both by foreign ministry officials and government ministry officials, that the winery's decision to move forward with the legal battle was a mistake. Until about a year ago, the winery could withdraw the proceedings and not aim for a decision in principle. For since 2015, when non-binding directives were passed in the EU, Foreign Ministry diplomats, in each of the European countries, have had ongoing contacts to reduce the damage of those directives.

The Ministry of Economy of France was the only one who instructed to implement the guidelines (which, as mentioned, were non-binding), and Psagot Winery decided to sue them and conduct them in the relevant court in France. But then, the case was moved to a principle decision in a legal hearing between the French Ministry of Economy and the European Court of Justice and from that point on, the fear was that in this mandatory court a decision would be imposed to enforce the marking and today the decision turned from non-binding guidelines to binding rulings.

The Foreign Ministry held a broad diplomatic campaign, as it is feared that a lack of understanding across local consumer networks in Europe about what they are from Israel and what they are from Judea will lead to damage to all Israeli goods. The Foreign Ministry planned to embark on a broad social networks campaign today, but all embassies Israel in the world today is busy publishing information on the assassination of terrorist Abu-Al-Atta and the incessant shooting of Israeli communities.

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