Was extended for five days for the arrest of the suspect in the murder of his wife in Krayot


"Many contradictions in his version": extended the arrest of the suspect in the murder of his wife in the Crimes
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The Kiryat Bialik Magistrate's Court on Thursday extended five days for the arrest of Maxim Tal, who allegedly stabbed 29-year-old wife Maria to Kiryat Bialik. She was found dead last Friday in her apartment. Earlier yesterday, she was brought to rest in the Menashe cemetery with the participation of about 100 people. The names of the two were allowed for publication at the request of the suspect's lawyer, Walla! NEWS and Broadcasting Corporation "Here".

The judge said in his decision that "at this time there is a reasonable suspicion that the suspect has committed the offenses as well as an arrest warrant. I have reviewed various evidence in the case and found many contradictions in the suspect's version.

Police, who set up a special investigative team at Zebulun Station, have sought to extend the arrest of suspect Maxim Tal for another 10 days. In his investigation, Tal claimed that his wife injured herself by stabbing her neck once with a knife, causing damage to the main artery and loss of blood. According to him, Maria threatened several times to end her life, and even swallowed pills to cause her death. He noted that his father-in-law, Maria's mother, had committed suicide two years ago when they were living in the same apartment complex. The suspect claimed: "I told investigators and they laughed at me."

In addition to extending his arrest, police have requested that the hearing of the case be conducted with closed doors. The judge, Dr. Shlomo Erdman, hinted at the entrance to the discussion that there is a public interest in this case. Mr. Roy Foundation, representing the suspect, asked the court to lift the gag order on the grounds that his client "is important because sound public version".

This is in contrast to the police position, which asked for the hearings to be held at closed doors and no details could be published. She even asked to remove the two suspects' brothers, who are in the courtroom. The police representative claimed in the hearing that "we have evidence that the rest had a joy of life and there was no problem. The representative confirms that their two children, both spouses, were being investigated by a special investigator.

This is not a case without warning signs, Maxim Tal was previously charged with assaulting his wife Maria, but his arrest was not extended and after about a month he returned to his home. On Friday, September 6, the woman was rushed to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where a nose doctor diagnosed her nose breaking while still bleeding at the time of the examination.

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The husband was arrested during that evening in their apartment for the couple in Kiryat Bialik, after he attacked and injured his wife and her father, who lives with them in the apartment. In court hearings following the incident, police again requested to extend his arrest and "formulate with the prosecutor's office whether to indict while in custody" and said "the case is under investigation by the prosecution," but an indictment has not been filed.

The suspect was detained for five days until the Magistrate's Court in Crotea was released for house arrest in his father's cousin's home in Kiryat Shmona. Police filed an appeal that was dismissed in Haifa District Court, after which Maxim was released to a relative's house at a distance. Shortly before Yom Kippur returned to his home and two days later, the tragedy is being investigated.

Maria was found in the apartment by a mobile MDA intensive care team with deep cuts in her neck. Despite the suspect's claim that her death was caused by suicide before his eyes, police arrested him at the scene on suspicion of murdering her. But "however, the husband was detained until the exact circumstances of the death were stopped, as he had previously been detained on suspicion of violent offenses against the wife and against her father."

According to his lawyer, the suspect thought the deceased had betrayed him and when he confronted her and she approved of things, she informed her that he had decided to leave her. In response, she threatened to commit suicide and then hurt herself. Lawyer argues that "Court decisions are not justified," adding, "publicly disclose many details and juicy sweepers him from suspicion and amaze the public about decision-making considerations arrest and detention, immediately after removing the gag order imposed on us."

The two have two small children, a daughter and a son, who have since been transferred to his mother's possession. Advocate Foundation said last hearing to extend the suspect's arrest, which took place headed by Justice Ayala dawn Concrete Perla, that "is not simply experienced a case, including what it was a month ago, including his ban, there were such threats in the past, her mother committed suicide two years ago, threatened to go In her mother's ways. After what happened today at home, he is traumatized. The sights do not leave him for a moment. "

(Update first: 11:12 17/10/2019)

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