New Land Rover Dipender models in Israel


Mizrahi, an importer of Land Rover vehicles in Israel, has started the "PRE SALE" for the new Dipender models. At the beginning of the early sale, the company released the prices of the Dipender models which will be marketed in Israel

Oren Frankel | 22/10/19

The Mizrahi Company starts with "PRE SALE" an early sale of the new Dipender, the Dipender will be sold from NIS 495,000 to Model 110.

The new Land Rover Defender is a re-invented icon for the 21st century: smart, versatile, safe for the whole family and in its own category. The new Dipender was built for adventurous hearts and curious minds, for those who recognize the value of community and strive to create change. The new model is the toughest and most capable to date, combining a new body with first-class technologies and improved hardware to create a 21st-century diffander. The unmistakable silhouette of the vehicle is simultaneously recognized and new. The car looks tough and is indeed tough, but designed with purpose and engineered to excite.
The new Land Rover Defender features some innovative elements as perfect proportions for design and purpose that include minimal front and rear extensions and a high ceiling for maximum capability in all types of terrain. Character-filled design: The new silhouette's recognizable silhouette is a modern interpretation of the original, the design is strong, confident and sophisticated when there is nothing like it.

The models will be marketed at the S PLUS finish level in a variety of engines with 5 and 7 seats. The first engines to be launched worldwide, including in Israel, are: 2.0 l diesel or 200 hp, 3.0 l gasoline 400 hp.

Vehicle Prices:

Diesel 2.0 liter engine, 200 kW 5 seats – NIS 495,000.
Diesel 2.0L engine, 240 kW 5 seats – 548,000 NIS.
Diesel 2.0 liter engine 240 kW 7 seats – NIS 570,000.
Gasoline 3.0 L engine, 400 hp 7 seats – NIS 668,000.

All vehicles will be equipped with an "OFF ROAD" package which includes, inter alia, rear differential lock and ALL TERRAIN tires. Starting with a 240 hp engine, the vehicles will be equipped with a "DRIVE ASSIT" package that includes, among other things: adaptive cruise control, "active dead space" control and more.

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