Fire and Love: I couldn't stay indifferent


I was at the Rave Lets Zion Park yesterday. There were jerseys and tassels, sandals and curls, glasses and earrings, they stood crowded and spaced out, a Saturday dad and a sand mom, with a glass of plastic full of beer, or a carton full of chips and hot schnitzel.

They had backpacks and waist pouches, they came from the north with a hoodie and from the south with the breeze. There were many, many species and species. Maybe that's why I couldn't believe it? I couldn't stay indifferent as they opened their mouths and all sang the words of the work order together.

Those words that say Yom Kippur only the best, those of the long run. The really pious dossiers. Only they know the words. The work order is a piece of prayer. Sometimes I skip but because of the song I couldn't this year. And suddenly, in the middle of the Love Park, everyone stands, with a sore throat, an open heart, eyes closed, closed with complete dedication: "And so there was one counter, one and one, one and two, one and three, one and four and five. He immediately despaired because he could not bear the size of sinful bitterness' and I cannot bear the size of the sweetness of fire, passion, love. And at that moment, I felt like saying exactly what came out of the mouths of all that multitude: "Blessed are the people, blessed are the people of God," and then I thought of Ishi Ribo.

This Levi. I'm sure he's Levy. And if he is not a Levi then a special department will be opened in the Temple for those who deserve to sing with the Levites. I thought about how he is a messenger and how much cleaner the light goes through more easily.

I also thought about how we got such a light going through and how much fun it was for his mission. I wanted to say thank you. I wanted to ask God to bless him on this mission, because it operates on tens of thousands of jerseys and curls that "Cohen Mirror" has become, but in the end I decided not to.

Those who were at Live Park in Rishon Lezion yesterday saw that the whole was larger than its parts. That this flame that sparked does not need prayers, is here to stay, it is here to intensify and burn away all cynicism, sickness, despair and fiction. She's just a NZ through. On the way to our awakening. Who we are. Basically loved. I wish we would already understand that we really love, wish we forgive ourselves the way the Creator loves us and forgives us. Blessed is the people, Blessed be the Lord Gd.

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