Arrests in Klanswa: drugs, weapons and animal neglect


Drugs, weapons and animal neglect led to a series of arrests in Klanswa.

During an enforcement operation in Klanswa, weapons, drugs and animals were seized and held under neglect conditions. Investigation proceedings have been opened against those involved and some have been arrested.

The arrests in Klanswa
Photo: Police spokeswoman

As part of the police's fight for quality of life offenses and enforcement against the perpetrators of crime in the Arab sector, on 15 September 1999, a targeted enforcement operation was carried out in the city of Kalansawa. The operation was carried out in collaboration with the FMO's representatives in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and the Nature and Parks Authority.

The arrests in Klanswa
Photo: Police spokeswoman

During the operation, police were searched at the homes of suspects suspected of being crime victims in the city, during which they were caught with a Watson rifle, an Air Soft gun and an Air Soft gun, which were held without a license. Another dog, horse and 12 rabbits were kept under conditions of neglect and animal abuse. The evidence in their case was forwarded to the Department of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture.

During another search, 13.5 kilograms of dangerous marijuana drug traps were seized and an additional 70 grams of marijuana distributed throughout the home.

During the operation, police spotted a passenger vehicle deciding against him from the road. Police detained the driver of the vehicle for questioning who later discovered that he was driving a driver's license and was stopped and taken to traffic exams. The vehicle seized was taken and towed.

An audit conducted at a business in the city was delayed for investigation by the business owner for conducting an unlicensed business and opened an investigation file with the Energy Authority for piracy possession of gas cylinders.

During the operation, 33 traffic reports and 20 vehicles were also removed from the road due to malfunctions which posed a danger to public safety.

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