A delegation of students from Israel participated in a robotics competition in Dubai …


For the first time in history, a delegation of Israeli students from Megiddo High School competed on Monday for Dubai's World Robotics elections – "FIRST". At the conclusion of the Israeli national competition, she achieved an impressive achievement when she returned to Israel with 4 medals. Participation in the Israeli delegation was almost withheld, but following the request of Minister Peretz to GSS chief Nadav Argaman – the trip was approved.

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The delegation achieved gold and silver medals in the competition qualifying and the highest score ever. In addition, the Israeli students obtained a silver medal for donating to other groups in the world as well as another silver medal for reaching second place in the competition.

A student robotics delegation from Israel to Dubai.

A student robotics delegation from Israel to Dubai. | Photography:
The Israeli delegation

A group of Israel FIRST high school students who have achieved unprecedented achievement – received special security clearance to represent Israel and participate in the Dubai Robotics Olympics. The team won first place in the highest ranking category among 191 countries, as the only delegation with a perfect victory balance.

The delegation, which is sponsored by the Technion, won a silver medal at the Global Challenge FIRST Global Olympics held last weekend in Dubai. 119 delegations took part in the competition, each representing a state. The Israeli delegation, consisting of five high school students, took part in the global competition and qualified for the final stage as the United States, which includes delegations from Italy, Uganda and Australia.

A student robotics delegation from Israel to Dubai.

Dubai competition scene | Photography:
The Israeli delegation

The five youths representing the organization and the State of Israel are: Noa Duman, Yuval and Ron Perry of Ramot Menashe, Itai Ziv of Merhavia and Omri Baram of Yokneam-Illit. They were accompanied by two mentors: Osnat Doman and Nissim Levy, and close personal security to ensure their safety in Dubai.

Delegations from all over the world competed with robots to develop the challenge of ocean waste collection and environmental protection, and scored based on their ability to collect as many items from the competition arena as possible. The delegation went to Dubai under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Megiddo Regional Council and the 'Tama' and the Foreign Ministry.

A student robotics delegation from Israel to Dubai.

Israeli student delegation on Dubai land | Photography:
The Israeli delegation

Israel FIRST Chairman (Maj. Gen.) Avihu Ben-Nun said after the competition: "I am proud and appreciative of the team and the spirit of competitiveness that has demonstrated, perseverance and professionalism. The delegation's achievements are a source of pride and respect for the entire State of Israel. We thank our partners in the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Education and the Megiddo Regional Council for their support. Expressing their confidence in the team reflects the positive impact of Israel FIRST on the technological success of the State of Israel. "

Minister of Science and Technology, Ophir Akunis said: "The team achieved unprecedented achievement in its position and qualities. In fact, I had no doubt that they would achieve tremendous achievements, and so I told them at our meeting on the eve of the competition. For the job: to fund these delegations, from the firm's budget. "

FIRST, founded in 1989 by entrepreneur Dean Cayman, aims to bring children and youth closer to science and technology. The organization uses a model of sports competitions in which there are teams that compete against each other in a challenge, and holds competitions between robots built by children and teens. FIRST Israel has been operating since 2005 and in Israel more than 14,000 children and teens from compulsory to 18 years of age from all over the country and from all sectors are participating.

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