What are the left-wing, purified elections afraid of?


Beyond comments Minister Eli Cohen: "If there were cameras in the last election, BLD was outside and a national government would have been formed. What are the left-wing, purified elections afraid of? Or resting them in stealing elections through counterfeiting in the Arab sector "

Minister of Economy and Industry and Political-Security Cabinet Member Eli Cohen participated in a cultural Friday event with Sharon Bayon in Savyon this morning and addressed the issue of placing cameras at the polls. "The purpose of placing the cameras is to preserve the purity of the elections. If the last election had cameras placed at the polling station, a national government and a blood ballot that passed the blockade percentage by only 4,000 votes would not be here," said Minister Cohen.

"Why on the left do not want cameras installed? What are they afraid of, a clean and democratic election process? Maintaining the purity of elections? I see purity here. When it is good for them then talk about the purity of elections and when they are not good, then not."

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