Silver medal for Mark Maliar at the World Championship in Paralympic Swimming


The Israeli team continues to win medals at the London Paralympic Swimming Championships. After winning the gold and silver medals by Mark Mellier and Ami DaDown, last night (Friday) Mark Mellier rose to the podium again, this time as a 200-meter personal mixed world champion (Class 7).

Four Israeli swimmers participated in the fifth day of the World Championship. Mark Maliar finished with the good result in the early 200's in the personal mix. He opened the final ointment weakly, finishing only seventh in the 50 yards butterfly style. In the next 50 yards in the back style, he began to close the gap, moving into fourth place. In the 50-style Mylar breaststroke a good opening, but weakened later and finished in fifth place. In the final 50 meters in the free, strong style of Maliar, the Israeli swimmer opened the burners and finished second with a new Israeli record, with a great 2:33:83 minutes. In the ointment, Colombian Carlos Zarata won with a score of 2: 31.11 minutes.

Mark Maliar, Paralympic World Championships, London 2019 (Photo: Isaacson Foundation, Association for the Disabled Sports)

The swimmer Julia Gorditsuk She secured her place in the 400 freestyle (Class 9) after qualifying for a new Israeli record: 4: 58.06 minutes. In the final, Gorditsuk finished 6th with a less than good result – 5: 00.19 minutes. In the ointment, Australian swimmer Keisha Patterson won with a score of 4: 38.29 minutes. The swimmer Eric Malliar Competing slightly in the 50m freestyle (Class 4), finishing ninth overall with a time of 42.78 seconds. Malliard missed the final by 27 second.

The third Israeli swimmer to participate in the finals was Iyad Shelby, Who went up early with the seventh half-time 50-meter (Class 2) result in a time of 1: 10.94 minutes. Shelby finished seventh in the final, with a score of 1: 09.46 minutes. In the ointment Alexander Markov won the Russian with a score of 56.70 seconds. Today (Saturday), Iyad Shelby (150 meters mixed, 50 meters back), Ami Dadaon (200 rowing), Eric Maliar (200 rowing) will compete.

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