Pelephone employees will be demonstrating tonight in front of the CEO's home


After a cellphone workers' strike launched a one-day "general warning strike" last Thursday,
He is aggravating his fight on Monday in light of management's demands to fire employees and shut down units at the company as part of negotiations to renew the collective bargaining agreement. Tonight at 7pm, employees will be demonstrating in front of the home of CEO Ran Guron in Ra'anana.

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Pelephone CEO Ran Gauron Pelephone CEO Ran Gauron Photo by Jonathan Blum

The Histadrut states that the call centers – customer service and sales services – work in a limited format, as do frontal service centers. Also, network malfunctions will not be addressed by the Engineering and Information Systems Department. The control room works in a Saturday format.

Pelephone's employees have been negotiating with the company's management for a long time regarding the renewal of the collective agreement that will end at the end of the year, when the synergy arrangement between the subsidiaries in the Bezeq group is hovering. Recently, synergy agreements have been signed with Bezeq's international committees and yes. M regarding cell phone company employees.

Cellphone workers' meeting last week Cellphone workers' meeting last week Photo: Histadrut spokeswoman

Pelephone, which employs about 2,500 people, is required for extensive streamlining and downsizing in light of the declining cellular market situation. It is estimated that management will want to dismiss about one-third of the employees. In addition, Pelephone has no new growth engines to offer, as opposed to Bezeq International and Yes, which recently released a new triple.

Pelephone said: "We are currently in the process of negotiating with the committee, in view of the worsening situation in the cellular industry, which requires the implementation of streamlining and synergies. We respect the right of employees to return and call on the committee to act with restraint and responsibility for the future of the company and its employees."

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