New Survey: Power Goes Over Blocking Percentage


a a A A survey by the Panels Politics Research Institute, led by Menachem Lazar, which will be published Thursday, on the Knesset channel, is for the first time transferring Jewish power beyond the blockade percentage.

According to the survey, a first place draw was recorded, with both Likud and Blue White receiving a total of 31 seats in each party.

The third and fourth places share the right-wing parties and the joint list, with ten seats for each party.

In this survey, Israel Beitinu receives 9 seats, the Democratic camp with 5 seats and Labor – Bridge also receives 5 seats.

According to the ultra-Orthodox parties: Torah Jewry remains according to this poll with eight mandates, while Shas is slightly reduced to seven mandates.

As mentioned, Jewish power for the first time is blocking the percentage, and closes the list of parties with four seats.

As a result of the rise of Jewish power, the right-wing bloc manages to reach sixty seats, even without Israel's home of Yvette Lieberman.

Although this is an Internet survey, Jewish power is trying to capitalize on the positive momentum. Party chairman Itamar Ben Gvir said in response: "All the polls show a steady rise in Jewish power, so we are not surprised by the results of the poll. The right. "

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