"I'm sorry, I can't vote for Likud"


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Netanyahu's second minister and former MK Michael Eitan announced Thursday that he will not vote for Likud in the upcoming elections, explaining why he made the decision.

"For 50 years I was an active and dedicated member of the Liberty, Gahal and Likud movement and played important roles in the party system." Eitan explains, "For 30 years I served on the Likud as a Knesset member and as a minister. In the 2013 election I was not elected. I accepted the vote of choice in a democratic spirit, and despite various proposals, I did not leave home. I continued to serve and support the Likud movement, even though Netanyahu's Likud steadily moved away from the values ​​of the National Liberal Movement from the days of Begin. "

Eitan noted that "positions that were considered natural about the purity of virtue and personal modesty became" obsolete. "The system of rule of law faces repeated attacks aimed at clarifying suspicions against the prime minister. The process of religion, the exclusion of women, and the violation of the recruiting duty has spread beyond recognition and a nationalist, right-wing extremist camp that includes partnering with Kahana students has become natural. "

According to him, "Netanyahu blatantly uses the principles he learned from his mythical adviser, Arthur Finkelstein. According to them, incitement against minorities such as the left and the Arabs can help him in the elections. As he elaborates more on racial capitals, he complicates his political rivals on charges of aiding the enemy and labeling them as traitors. . "

"A prime minister who has been blatant for more than a decade has come out blatantly against the police, against the USSR, against the media, against the commissioner, as if they all conspired against him. Based on the damage to these important institutions, Netanyahu calls on the public to support him. "A citizen who votes for him will inevitably vote against the rule of law and will not have anyone to come to when the court becomes an arm of those in power and close associates," says Eitan.

February 2009. Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

He added that "if Netanyahu and his supporters in the Likud and his satellite parties convey messages that the upcoming elections will constitute a kind of referendum 'to prosecute Netanyahu,' the conclusion I could not escape is that every ballot in the ballot box is a ballot that supports the abolition of the court's power Of the rule of law and the serious damage to the democratic system.

And what does a person with opinions like mine who believes in the principle of separation of powers and the supremacy of the rule of law have to do in this given situation? After all, the prime minister in his attacks not only tried to hurt the judiciary, but also totally took over the Knesset, and as a result, he brings with it unfounded proposals like the camera law, in order for the Knesset to authorize its supporters to use means that must be dedicated to gatekeepers like the Central Election Commission.

In summary, he said, "Today, Netanyahu is the Likud and the Likud is Netanyahu. It will be nothing. Legitimate and lively disagreements have disappeared and replaced by loyalist Likud leadership statements. The Likud needs a first leader among equals, who can nurse the rifts, and rebuild the party. And national consensus. "

"I've been debating for a long time. I'm sorry, for the first time in my life, I won't be able to vote for Likud." Former Minister and MK Michael Eitan emphasized.

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