Solidarity video of the Moroccan Union abroad in Italy with the contribution of the parish priest Hammouch


Mohammed Hammouch (in the picture), 30 year old originally from Morocco but a Pievese doc, he personally took care of the initiative of the Moroccan Union abroad in Italy (Umei), coordinating a group of young Moroccans, who live in different Italian regions, in the creation of a supportive video designed for all Italians tested by the Coronavirus emergency.

A nice gesture of closeness by girls and boys engaged on several fronts to promote opportunities for dialogue between different cultures who, in recent weeks, have found themselves fighting against a common enemy.

United in pain for the people who lost their lives and for the sick, Italians and Moroccans have rediscovered themselves even closer, sharing feelings, hopes and battles to live as a single community.

Hammouch, responsible for young Moroccans in Italy, is well known and respected in Pieve di Soligo also for his commitment to local volunteering.

In addition, he has always been very active in the integration of Muslims and foreign communities in the Alta Marca Trevigiana, participating personally in various initiatives and collaborating in projects to promote intercultural dialogue in the area where he lives.

“After agreeing with Nadif Mustapha, president of the Moroccan Union abroad in Italy – explains Hammouch – I involved some Moroccan guys who sent me short video clips in Italian and also in our language. I hope this initiative will be appreciated by those involved in the Coronavirus emergency and also by those who are suffering from the most tragic consequences of this pandemic“.

“We are close to Italians – he adds – because we feel Italian too. We were born and raised here and now we want to be part of this large community for which we are available. When the emergency is over, I hope we can get around a table to discuss many issues, such as the problem of cemeteries for Muslims. Unfortunately, especially in this period where it is difficult to move, transferring a body to a country like Morocco becomes very difficult. This is why we ask to be able to bury our loved ones here: for those who have lived in Italy, it is right that the whole life cycle can take place in this country “.

“We hope that the authorities of the Province of Treviso – he concludes – take into consideration this request that comes from the whole Islamic community living in Italy, reserving a space in the cemeteries also for the deceased Muslims. Meanwhile, as associations like Umei are doing, we continue to work for the integration of foreign communities, promoting the most beautiful aspects of our cultures “.

The video is available on the Facebook page of the Moroccan Union abroad in Italy or by clicking on the link: (here the video).

(Source: Andrea Berton ©
(Photo: courtesy of Mohammed Hammouch).

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