“Who will I talk to, with the walls?”


They have been in their home for a few weeks, according to doctors’ instructions, finding it difficult to stock up on food and medicine, and their family members are also not allowed to visit and assist, due to fear of being infected. The elderly, the most vulnerable to the Corona virus,
Left behind these days, they have to deal with another hit that has a hard impact: loneliness.

Charna David (Photo: Yariv Katz)Cyrna David (Photo: Yariv Katz)

Yocheved Levy (86) from the Bat Galim neighborhood of Haifa admits that staying alone at home for days is not easy for her. “Loneliness overcomes everything, it’s terrible,” she says. “I am depressed, but my daughters are not allowed to come to me. I sit alone at home, in front of the radio and TV all day and it just depresses me even more, my head hurts, but who do I talk to, the walls? The loneliness is the greatest damage to the soul. It says, “It’s not good being human alone,” and I’m alone. At my age, I don’t have the strength to go through it. ”

Even daily and simple actions, such as leaving the bin empty, are a challenge for her. “I’m not going out of the house, so as not to get infected,” says Levy. “When I went down to throw garbage, I closed my nose and my mouth. I’m not religious, but lighting Shabbat candles and it helps me a lot. I live the moment and pray to God that it will end with as few victims.”

Like everyone else, Chernah David (82) from Holon also has trouble ordering groceries from the writer. But she has no other alternatives. “Unlike young people, I can’t leave home, so I have to order a delivery,” she says. “I tried all the marketing networks, but they said they could only bring the order in ten days, at ten o’clock. They put it at my door and I have to wait and not go to bed.”

Esther Feder Green (Photo: Yariv Katz)Esther Feder Green(Photo: Yariv Katz)

Beyond the logistical difficulties, loneliness is also gnawing at it. “I’ve been home for two weeks. I used to go to an elderly club, play, do some gymnastics, and now I was told not to go out. I try to go through it without making any problems for my kids. There are days when I actually climb walls, take Rescue to deal with. “I know how long I will live, but I do not want to die from Corona. I depend on pensions and hope they will pay us on time.”

Chernah’s son, Ethan, says the marketing networks have explained to his mother that the delivery service burden is heavy these days, but argues that the elderly must be a priority. “You have to find a way to prioritize adult invitations,” he explains.

Esther Feder Green (80), is a blind, widowed child, living alone in Holon. “I have no one,” she says. “It’s hard, but I’ve grown accustomed to loneliness. Every person needs a friend and help, too. If I hadn’t been helped by the Social Security once a week, I wouldn’t be able to do it. too much”.

Distributing food for the elderly and needy across the country in the shadow of the Corona's spread (Photo: Tel Aviv Municipality)Distribution of food for the elderly and needy(Photo: Tel Aviv Municipality)

To try and ease the elderly population, they will provide them with a friendship fund, starting this week, food packages and hygiene products, so that they can stock up without leaving home and coming to shopping centers. At the same time, they are setting up a mechanism for the provision of frozen meals. “Israel is dealing with an emergency like it did not know,” says Friendship Foundation President Yael Eckstein, “and we are all committed to enlisting and helping the weaker populations in the country, which may collapse if we do not support them.”

MK Meirav Cohen (blue and white) also warns that they must mobilize for the elderly population, which is hardly audible. It is easy to ignore its needs, as it does not express its protest on social networks and does not demonstrate on the streets, but we must provide them urgently and before it is too late. ”

Chairman of the Israeli Association of Gerontology, Prof. Yitzhak Brick strongly criticizes the state’s conduct. “The government has decided to close the centers today for the elderly, but what happens to the tens of thousands of elderly people who are now left alone? There are a quarter of a million elderly people who are eligible for nursing services and rely on their traditional caregivers. For obvious reasons, there are some that cannot be reached and what is the National Insurance Institute’s solution? Give families money instead of treatment. How and who will take care of them? It is a value and moral bankruptcy, ”he concludes.

Faith Movement opened an emergency hotline for advice on the third age: 052-3534541.

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