Who was on the old Renault 4 that infuriated the mayor of Messina


They are French street artists, in Italy for months, surprised near Naples by the decree order to combat the spread of coronavirus launched by the Conte government. Taken aback and not having a home other than their own car, they decided to accept the invitation of Spanish friends who live in Catania and set off for Sicily. A journey destined to be more difficult than expected, undertaken with a minor son and a dog, aboard a Renault 4.

On the road leading to Villa San Giovanni, where they boarded a ferry to Sicily, they were stopped several times. In Salerno the crew of a steering wheel, considering them “suspicious”, took them to the hospital to perform the swab. All negative results and with the documents in order, they resumed the journey towards the house that should have housed them until the end of the quarantine.

Spotted several times by several motorists, the video of a truck driver who behind the car that struggles on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria wonders “where does this come from with this plate, with a shoe attached to the bumper and toilet paper? on the roof”.

Finally arrived at Villa San Giovanni and got on the ferry their car was photographed and the shot ended up in the hands of the mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca who, in the last few weeks, has been waging a battle with no holds barred against the government to tighten the ordinances .

The French car, license plate aside, immediately catches the eye, so the mayor determined to learn more, promised the city and Barbara D’Urso, connected in the afternoon with him while he is at the port of Messina, which he would have found that car and reported the owners.

His theory is that the family went through the boot with impunity until they reached Sicily, with the risk of bringing further risk of infection on the island. The next day, as promised, he waved the dispatch of the authorities in front of the cameras with name, surname, date of birth, residential address, license plate and last revision of the vehicle. The post is commented 1,035 times, shared over 3,000, the people of Messina are angry.

“Stop, – he continues reading the data of the title search at the Pra, the public automobile register – the three identified themselves as street artists”. Pause. Then turning to the camera again: “Street artists! Ministry of Interior …. Fuck off! “. In the meantime, the French have arrived at the home of Spanish friends with whom they will have to divide the remaining weeks of quarantine in a tiny space and have decided to publish a video where they explain the truth to the Italians.

They are French, yes, but they are not traveling, or rather their life is a journey. Boris Drozom, the man who hosts them and who speaks in the video, explains that in a post on Facebook given that friends are not very familiar with Italian. “They arrived at Villa San Giovanni – writes the friend – before Sicily asked to tighten the controls. They communicated their intentions to the Civil Protection and registered in the online portal of the Sicily Region, which requires registration to those who enter the island. They proved to have hospitality in Catania but were denied entry to the ferries without a valid explanation. They stayed there for three days and three nights, not knowing what to do. In the meantime they were filmed and insulted by passersby ”.

Then finally boarding and arrival in Catania. Until a few hours ago, Mayor De Luca continues to reiterate that he had tracked down “a group of street artists who left France on a broken-down Renault 4, reunited with other Spanish street artists in Acitrezza. I would like to ask the minister and the Interior Ministry, what was the valid reason that allowed the movement of these people, make them reach Sicily without any control, we do not know where they were going to parry. And apparently they placed themselves in quarantine yesterday and also went out of quarantine to go shopping at the supermarket. I add more, it seems that they also made a good video, the whole group of ten people, I have a copy of it here, they sent it to me last night – presumably the one that we have attached – where they basically got us with raspberries , for the series’ you are idiots! The Italians and Sicilians all the more reason! We are here to have fun! “.

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