Villafrati (Palermo), entire city “red zone” coronavirus: a “fugitive” from the North is accused


A 90-year-old elderly man died on Monday in the Covid Hospital in Partinico where nine other patients who were guests of the facility are currently hospitalized. The concern for the outbreak does not only concern the 3,000 inhabitants of the small center of the province, but also the hinterland countries. In fact, the positive employees come from 17 municipalities in the area, on the border between the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento. Quarantine will start for everyone as well as for family members and people with whom they have come into contact in the last few weeks.

The alarm went off around March 5, when some elderly people began to experience fever and cough at Villa delle Palme, but the first swabs were made only two weeks later. From that moment, the assisted health residence no longer allowed family members to enter. Just the visit of one relative from the North one of the patients could be the cause of the infection inside the nursing home.

This is also the conviction of the mayor, Francesco Agnello, who communicated, through Facebook, the region’s decision to declare Villafrati a “red zone”. “From March 19, when the first swabs were placed – explains the mayor – some employees have stayed in the facility to sleep in a preventive manner, others have decided to remain in quarantine in their homes”.

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