US stars not appearing for the Olympics?


The beginning of an articleAt the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the United States national team had intended to regain their dominance in world basketball after finishing 7th at the World Championships. All of the Allstar stars were due to compete, but the 2021 rejection due to the Corona virus could leave Citrus stars Tim out.

Also, postponing the Olympics plus the uncertainty about ending both seasonsNBA The following is expected to lead that few players from the best league in the world or even none will attend Tokyo 2021. Then, college players, Americans who play outside the US and players NBA Not going to play with their playoff teams will be part of the team’s roster.
In the meantime, since the Corona crisis, the word “cuts” has been repeated over and over. Now, it also reached the best basketball league in the world, when Philadelphia ’76 announced a similar move when more teams inNBA Follow her. But unlike what we know about us, about an hour after the announcement, the Philadelphia administration is back.

According to US sources, Sixers has already decided to cut about 20 percent of the salaries of club members, including coaches and players. Which makes the Pennsylvania team the first to make such a move. Also, the club first made it clear that any employee earning more than fifty thousand a year would be required to cut back While anyone earning below the specified amount will be asked to “volunteer” to receive the salary reduction.
Everything is good and beautiful, and even relevant for the period, but unlike decisions elsewhere, the Philadelphia administration announced that after a conversation with the club’s professional staff and players, the team decided to cancel what it announced that day. That means eventually all salaries will remain as they are and no change will be made.
After the first statement, it seemed that other groups inNBA Consider the move, with the main concern facing their eyes being the damage to public relations. Now, they are at a crossroads when the need for a cut is very essential to the club’s continued existence in the face of criticism from the players and coaching staff. We’ll wait and see.


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