Trump calls for “opening” the US


Trump: Want the economy to open by next month

Donald Trump
Said Tuesday that he hopes the U.S. economy
You can “reopen” as early as Easter celebrated by the Americans on April 12. The US president, who hopes to be re-elected in November, fears that the economy will be severely damaged by the Corona crisis
Will hurt his chances of being elected, and sleep
In recent days he has directed: After declaring an emergency and urging all Americans to remain socially distant – he now claims that disabling the US will do more harm than his damage could cause the virus.

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Despite the rise in the number of infected and dead in the US – at present it has more than 50,000 infected and about 600 dead (according to CNN and John Hopkins University counts) – the president again said today that steps like closure have already been imposed on more than a third of all Americans – are “a cure for the problem.”

    (Photo: AFP)“You can destroy a country like that.” Trump(Photo: AFP)

  (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

In what has been described as a “virtual voter assembly,” which was broadcast live on the president’s favorite Fox News network, Trump said: “We must get our country back to work. Our country must go back to work.” He argued that severe restrictions such as closure could cause deaths themselves. “People, a lot of people – in my opinion more people – are going to die if we let it continue,” Trump said. “You’re going to lose more people by putting the country in recession or lows. You’re going to have suicides in the thousands.”

The president mentioned the 15-day period of social remoteness he announced a week ago, suggesting that his decision would be made. It should be noted that measures like closure were not announced by the president himself, but by the governors of the states that have taken such measures – such as New York and California – and so it is unclear whether he can abolish those restrictions.
Trump said in a statement this evening that the United States has not “shut down the country” because of the thousands who die every year from flu or road accidents. He said Americans could continue to maintain social remoteness even if they returned to work. “You can destroy a country in this way of downtime.” , Trump added.

His remarks run counter to warnings from American health experts, some from his own government, that these restrictions are critical in the fight against the virus. The Pentagon recently warned that the epidemic could last for months in the United States, and the World Health Organization said today that the United States could become the new focal point of this epidemic worldwide.

  (Photo: gettyimages)“Virtual Voting Assembly” in the White House. Fox News Interview(Photo: gettyimages)

  (Photo: gettyimages)

(Photo: gettyimages)

Earlier today, Trump tweeted a similar message, writing: “Our people want to go back to work. They will keep social and everyone else safe. The adults will keep us protected and loving. We can do both things together,” the president wrote. He added again the phrase that probably became his slogan: “The drug cannot be (much) worse than the problem.”

Trump, he recalls, has been accused by his critics that in the early stages of the crisis, he was complacent, claiming the situation was in control. As the virus began to spread strongly in the US, Trump changed direction and declared a state of emergency and, as stated, over the same 15-day period in which Americans must remain socially distant. The stock market is also deadly, effectively erasing the achievements recorded there during Trump’s presidency, and now he seems to be concerned that this will hurt his chances of being reelected, and is working to reopen the economy.

Maryland Governor Larry Fair, a Republican, criticized the president for his remarks. “I don’t think we’re going to be able to get out of it in five or six days, no matter when those 15 days end by this imaginary watch,” Hogan told CNN.

Blank Streets New York Corona Virus USA“Every three days the number in New York doubles.” Empty streets in the Big Apple(Photo: Reuters)

  (Photo: gettyimages)

(Photo: gettyimages)

Soldiers National Guard Converting Conference Center to New York Medical Center Corona Virus USA

New York Governor: Need 30,000 respirators, what does 400 help?(Photo: Reuters)

Soldiers National Guard Converting Conference Center to New York Medical Center Corona Virus USA afp =

(Photo: AFP)

Empty Subway New York Corona Virus USA afp =

The New York subway is empty(Photo: AFP)

Even more harsh criticism was made by Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, the state that has become the hottest hotline in the United States – with 25,000 people infected and at least 210 dead. Cuomo said he would not compare the financial amount, however high, to human life: “My mother Neither your sacrifice nor your mother, “the governor of New York told reporters.” We are not willing to sacrifice these 1% or 2%, “he said, referring to those at the highest risk of dying from virus complications, the elderly and those suffering from background diseases.

Cuomo also vehemently attacked the federal government for the limited assistance he said New York has received so far. He said New York received only 400 respirators, with its need for at least 30,000. “400 respirators? I need 30,000. Do you want a pat on the back for 400 respirators?” Cuomo said. He noted that the state of New York has 7,000 respirators per hour. Cuomo warned that the rate of infection in New York continues to grow – he claims to be doubling every three days – adding that the curve has not “flattened” yet. He added that in the worst case scenario, New York would need 140,000 beds in hospitals.

Trump’s senior economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, told reporters today that public health also includes what he called “economic health.” “That’s the key point. And it’s not either this or that, so we’re looking at it again.” At the same time, in a private meeting of 30 conservative leaders today, Vice President Mike Pence – who is in charge of addressing the US corona crisis – said that no formal decisions have been made so far, and that a decision to remove the restrictions will be taken – if taken – only at the end of the 15-day period. The social.

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