Toro, Cairo: “For me, the championship is over and the championship should not be awarded” – La Stampa


TORINO. The Bull is in the group of those who no longer want to resume the championship. Urbano Cairo, after the half admissions of the past few days, today said it clearly in the broadcast “Un giorno da pecora” aired on Radio 1. «The championship as far as I’m concerned is over and the championship should not be awarded – the voice of the patron grenade -, if he resumes the teams should begin training in late May to return to the field a month later, and also play in July and August. This would mean that the next season would not start before November, something that cannot be done for me ».

Cairo is also thinking with the team about the possibility / need to cut wages. «Some players have called me – he reveals -, we have to make a reasoning that takes into account everyone’s needs, the Bull is not collecting anything, each of us will have to make some sacrifices and give their contribution to get out of this situation. Subscriptions? We are thinking about a refund, or the possibility of showing a corresponding number of games not played in this season for the next season ».


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