The petrol station protest explodes: stop first on the highway, then in the city


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Stop starting on Wednesday night

by Marco Morino

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The Covid-19 emergency detonates the petrol station protest, which threatens the lockout. «The refueling systems
they will begin to close: from Wednesday night those of the motorway network, including junctions and ring roads; and, gradually, all the others also along the ordinary road network “. Faib-Fegica-Figisc / Anisa announce it in a note. “We, alone, are no longer in a position to ensure neither the necessary level of health security, nor the economic sustainability of the service”, explain the fuel managers.

“Nobody can think of continuing to treat us as slaves or martyrs,” say the managers of the fuel network. «We are people with families to protect, citizens among others who know they have to fulfill a responsibility that they do not want to strip, but to whom the entire load cannot be unloaded on them that other subjects, with very other means, financial resources and rents, they persist in ignoring ». The category is made up of over 100,000 people throughout Italy who, as explained in a note, have continued to do their job despite a drop in turnover of around 85%.

“We will run the risk of unpopularity and the easy arrows thrown by comfortable armchairs, but we really have neither the will nor the strength to explain or convince of the solar reasons that support us”,
say Faib-Fegica-Figisc / Anisa. «Anyone wishing to investigate can request an account from the Government, motorway concessionaires, oil companies and independent reticists: each of them is responsible for
in full its part if you want to ensure the distribution of petrol and diesel “.

“The threatened blockade by petrol stations must be absolutely avoided: the transport of essential goods is at risk”. The alarm is triggered by the vice president of Confcommercio and Conftrasporto Paolo Uggè, who invites the Government to provide answers to the requests of the managers of the highway and road fuel systems to prevent the road haulage from being forced, in spite of itself, to stop for impossibility to refuel by interrupting the supply of goods.

“We hope for immediate government intervention because, if the initials of the fuel managers were to confirm the detention, announced starting tomorrow, the risk of the consequent suspension of the already precarious essential services that the trucking companies are now guaranteeing would have the effect. to hospitals, pharmacies, production activities and basic necessities stores », concludes the vice president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio.

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