The best rock documentaries on Netflix


Rolling Thender Revue

If you put together the great cinematographic genius of Martin Scorsese and Bon Dylan’s incredibly boundless talent, the result can only be a masterpiece like Rolling Thunder Revue. Released on June 12th on the streaming platform Netflix, the docu-film managed to excite thousands of people, thanks to the beauty and precision of its contents.

Between interviews, unpublished content, particular moments and the inevitable reality-fantasy mix, Martin Scorsese manages to tell incredibly the 1975 in which he is the protagonist Bob Dylan, from a musical, moral and cultural point of view.

Keith Richards: Under The Inflence

It could be missing Keith Richards if the starting point are the rock documentaries to watch on Netflix? The historical member of the Rolling Stones has gone down in history for his music and his art, but also and above all because of his way of life that everyone knows and that, in some way, has made Richards eternal. Not of eternity from immortality, as many memes point out, but of remember, appreciation, esteem.

The docu-film Keith Richards: Under The Influence analyzes the starting point of his character, the inspirations that formed his figure and everything that made him what he actually is and is loved.

Devil at the Crossroads

He is the ideal founder of Club of 27, and about his life – in the absence of satisfactory biographical material – many legends were born, including the one that sees him the subject of a pact with the Devil, thanks to which he became the incredible guitarist he was.

It is exactly what we start from Devil at the Crossroads, a relatively short product (48 minutes) but with an impeccable direction and incredibly valid content: fans, critics, family and many others have talked about bluesman who made history by drawing a very detailed portrait of it.

How the Beatles Changed the World

We close our list of rock documentaries on Netflix with How the Beatles Changed the World, an incredible and varied cinematographic product that analyzes in detail the great success of the Liverpool band, not only in the context of the numbers that the formation has acquired over the years, but also and above all in those rare videos that show how the culture of Beatles applied itself to reality, changing it and determining it in all its aspects.


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