Super League postponed, will the contracts of football players be extended?


The coronavirus epidemic, which caused 8 thousand people to die all over the world, also affected the sports community deeply.

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapo─člu announced that all of the handball, volleyball, basketball and football leagues were postponed within the scope of the measures taken for the corona virus epidemic.

After the Super League was postponed to a later date, it was certain that the competitions dropped into the summer months. These shifts in the calendar come to mind ‘What will be the current contracts of football players? Will the contracts get longer? ‘ brought the question.

Will the contracts of football players be extended as the leagues are postponed?

According to Hurriyet, Turkey Football Federation Professional Status and Transfer Instructions of the players in accordance with Article 19; The contract expiry date of each professional footballer is accepted as 31 May.

According to another paragraph of the same article; If the official competitions continue after the contract expiry date, the contract period is deemed extended until the end of the competitions.

Postponed league match in Turkey


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