Sparks between Valeria Marini and Elenoire Casalegno: “Don’t make me say what what I saw three years ago”


Sparks at “Live – Non la d’Urso” between Elenoire Casalegno is Valeria Marini. The showgirl, host of the Barbara d’Urso program, after being eliminated by the “Big Brother Vip” spoke of her rivalry with Antonella Elia inside the house: “Antonella persecuted me with insults of all kinds,” he said in connection via Skype after asking to send a movie with all the criticisms received.

Elenoire Casalegno however, she did not seem to agree with the showgirl: “It is not easy to live in those circumstances, every day, without cell phone, without radio, television and internet – he said – I remember that living with you was not easy”. Casalegno’s reference is to the experience that the two had in the first edition of “Big Brother Vip”, which then raised the dose: “Don’t make me say what I saw three years ago – said Elenoire – is not the moment”


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