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Elena, I’m going to be president is the new one TV series arriving on the platform Disney +. Let’s find out all the news about the new comedy produced by the actress Gina Rodriguez.

When Elena comes out, will I become president? The release date in Italy of the TV series

QWhen Elena leaves, will I become president? The first episode of the TV series has already aired on Disney + in America. The platform organized a weekly schedule of the TV series, which is broadcast every Friday, instead of distributing it all together.

There release date in Italy of Elena, I’m going to be presidentinstead, it is scheduled for March 24, 2020, with the arrival of Disney + also in our country.

What is Elena talking about, will I become president? Plot and anticipations

Gina Rodriguez in a scene from the TV series

The Deadline website has reported some important ones advances on TV series and on his plot, like the participation of Gina Rodriguez to the new project Disney. Initially, the original title of the TV series was Diary Of A Female President, but has been changed to Diary Of A Future President.

Elena, I’m going to be president was created and written by Ilana Pena, famous for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Robin Shorr, formerly known for The Carmichael Show. Among the executive producers, Ilana Pena herself, together with Gina Rodriguez, who also directed the first episode. There TV series was created for Disney +, in collaboration with CBS TV Studios, which also has the service streaming, CBS All Access.

Always Deadline reported a short plot of the TV series Elena, I’m going to be president, which tells the story of the 12-year-old Cuban American Elena through his secret diary. The girl experiences the typical difficulties of middle school and begins her journey which will then lead her to become the future president of the United States of America. Very careful, a little impertinent, but still always with a very personal point of view, the little one Elena makes its way into the world with strength and determination.

Gina Rodriguez she immediately proved very enthusiastic about the project, considering it almost as a great hope for the future.

Cast, actors and characters of Elena, I will become president

Tess Romero in a scene from Elena, I will become president

Gina Rodriguez is present in one episode and plays Elena now an adult and president, but IMDb still reported the name of many actors present in cast.

  • Tess Romero is Elena Cañero-Reed
  • Selenis Leyva is Gabi Cañero-Reed
  • Charlie Bushnell is Bobby Cañero-Reed
  • Michael Weaver is Sam Faber
  • Carmina Garay is Sasha
  • Harmeet K. Pandey is Jessica
  • Sanai Victoria is Melissa
  • Brandon Severs is Liam
  • Nathan Arenas is Danny
  • Avantika Vandanapu is Monyca

THE characters of Elena, I’m going to be president they are many, and many others will be present only in a few episodes.

TV series trailer

There Disney has published the very nice trailer in Italian of the TV series Elena, I will become president, which shows us the life of Elena and her particular family.

Elena, I’m going to be president it is definitely one TV series for families, suitable for everyone, which will certainly tear you even some laughter.

Disney + streaming and episodes

Elena and her best friend

There TV series Elena, I will become president will be available on the platform streaming of Disney +, in all countries where the service will be active from March 24, 2020. All you need to do is subscribe to see the TV series.

Elena, I will become president it’s a TV series composed by ten episodes. We still don’t know if in Italy, the platform will decide to follow the American programming, broadcasting one episode per week or if it will be made available all together.

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