Rain from north to south; The cold returns: weather forecast


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        <div class="post_main_pic"><img src="https://www.srugim.co.il/i/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2-123__w650h331q80.jpg" alt="Rain from north to south; The cold returns: weather forecast" width="650" height="331" /><p>  (Photo: Shatterstock)</p></div> <p>The weather this coming weekend will be different from the last few days and the spring weather we got used to. It will become cold and rain will fall from the north of the country to the northern Negev.</p> <p>Evening and night, Thursday to Friday: Partly cloudy to cloudy. Light rainfall is expected from the north of the country to the Negev.</p>  <p>The hanging path (Photo: Vitaly Grander / Nature and Parks Authority)</p>  <p><b>Friday:</b> Partly cloudy, local rain is still possible in the morning. Temperatures will be unchanged.</p> <p><strong>Saturday:</strong> Partly cloudy. In the morning, local rain is expected in the north and center of the country. During the day the rains will diminish and weaken. Temperatures will decrease.</p> <p><strong>First</strong>Partly cloudy. In the morning in the north of the country there may still be local rain. Temperatures will be noticeably unchanged.</p> <p data-mk-aweb-org-font-size="12"><b data-mk-aweb-org-font-size="12">Crimson:</b> Fine to partly cloudy, with no noticeable changes in temperature.</p>                

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