Project xCloud, test starting on PC: here are the first images of the interface


Project xCloud saw i leave test foreplay on PC with Windows 10, where the first ones come from images of the interface used by the Microsoft game streaming platform.

The preview version of Project xCloud is currently reserved only for employees of the Redmond house and allows you to stream games Xbox on PC.

The application will be available on Windows Store and will require an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth support, a Microsoft account and a good internet connection. The PC version will also allow you to stream locally or remotely from Xbox One instead of using the cloud.

The games currently available for testing are numerous, but there are technical limitations: the resolution streaming does not go beyond 720p, as happens for PlayStation Now, but a specific note that 1080p will be available soon and therefore there is no need to worry.

L’interface, which you see at the bottom of the images released to The Verge, appears similar to that seen on iOS and Android and seems already complete, ready for mass distribution. Microsoft has also improved its xCloud servers to include eight Xbox One S in a single instance: four times the power of previous tests.

The next step will be to change the servers to include i SoC Xbox Series X, much more powerful and capable of managing several game sessions on Xbox One S simultaneously, as well as having an integrated encoder that is six times faster than the current one.


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