President Mattarella: “It is a painful journey for Italy. Thanks to Germany for solidarity “


Never as in times of crisis and emergency, like what we are experiencing for the spread of coronavirus, collaboration between the peoples of the various nations is important. Like the one between our country and Germany, reiterated by our Head of State Sergio Mattarella to his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
“Mr. President and dear friend Frank-Walter, I wish – reads a letter – I want to thank you very much for the letter with which you renewed the solidarity of the German people and your staff for the suffering that the coronavirus epidemic is causing in Italy. We are all facing, Germany, Italy and many other countries, this danger, unexpected and serious. As I said to you during our telephone conversation, I hope that the experience that Italy was the first to develop to combat contagion could be useful for all of Europe and globally “. Our President of the Republic strongly hopes “that Germany and the other countries will be spared the painful journey of Italy”.
His thoughts turn to the elderly: “Here, in numerous territories, with many victims, the older generation is decimated, made up of people who constitute a reference point for the younger ones not only in affections but also in daily life. I am highly grateful, and, with me, the whole of Italy, for the solidarity manifested and concretely put in place by Germany ».

Mattarella also expresses satisfaction with the collaboration on the health front. In fact, he writes: “The agreement between our Ministries of Health with the sending from Germany to Italy of supplies of medical devices is also of great importance as a sign of the deep friendship that binds our countries”.

Finally, the Head of State, in his letter in reply to Steinmeier’s, reiterates the importance of the role played by Europe: “As you wrote in your letter, we need a truly European spirit of concrete solidarity. The European Union, with its top management, is operating with seriousness and determination in the face of this dramatic new and general condition. I am sure he will continue to do so: our European citizens need to feel the effective proximity of the Union’s action. Thanks again, dear friend, with such cordiality ».


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