Pensions April 2020, accreditation becomes simpler: what changes


Pensions April 2020: a big news is coming regarding the accreditation of the pension check. To reduce the movements of the population in this moment of medical emergency due to the new epidemic coronavirus, through the adoption of new telematic procedures, the methods for ascertaining the consistency of the data of the holders of current account holders, savings books and prepaid cards have been simplified.

Pensions April 2020: accreditation becomes easier

From 10 April next to have the accreditation of pension and non-pension benefits on a current account, on a deposit or savings book or on a prepaid rechargeable card, it will no longer be necessary to present the models validated by your Institute or credit institution to the Institute. The circular no. 48/2020, with which INPS explains the new methods of acquiring the data of the performance recipients directly from the institutions and credit institutions through a system called “Shared Data Base”.

Pensions April 2020: what changes

So far, those who have asked for their performance to be credited to current account, passbook or paper rechargeable had to submit to the Institute a paper form, different according to the services requested, validated by its own Institute or credit institution, which attested the correspondence of the owner’s personal details with those of the recipient of the service.

In consideration of the need for public health to limit the movements of citizens in the country, the Institute, with the collaboration of the Italian Post Office and the credit institutions to which the contract is entrusted service of payment of services, has accelerated the adoption of IT systems for the validation of payment instruments electronically.

The system “Shared Data Base” therefore allows, before crediting the sums paid on behalf of INPS, to verify the coincidence between the identification data of the holder of the service and those of the holder / co-holder of the collection instrument (current account, savings account with IBAN, rechargeable prepaid card with IBAN).

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On the other hand, the operating indications in force for the beneficiaries of income support services paid on foreign current accounts remain unchanged.

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