NASA: here is the latest generation suit to go to the moon


To see it it would not be said that it is so comfortable, yet it has improved in terms of comfort. It is the new suit presented by NASA for future space missions that could be worn by the next astronauts on the moon. The number one of the American space agency, Jim Bridenstine illustrated xEMU – this is the name of the new astronaut estate – at the Washington DC headquarters presenting the Artemis agency program.

The red, white and blue suit – similar to the suit used in the International Space Station – was worn on stage by the space engineer Kristine Davis, Johnson Space Center (Jsc) of Houston.
THE SPECIAL Landing on the Moon: history of a companyBridenstine also unveiled the Orion Crew Survival System, an orange flight suit with helmet that will be worn by the crews of the Orion spacecraft for launch and return. Orion is the replacement for the space shuttle, but, unlike that system, it is designed to transport astronauts to the moon and other places in deep space. The new Moon suit, formally known as Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), is designed to offer the wearer a personalized fit.

In March, the first women-only spacewalk on the ISS was canceled because there was no suit of the correct size available for astronauts Anne McClain is Christina Koch. “To be clear, – said Bridenstine on stage – Kristine (Davis, ed) wear a suit that fits all of our astronauts when we go to the moon. ”

The space engineer Amy Ross He said the new suit would give astronauts greater mobility in the shoulders, waist, legs and arms. This means that this suit can allow the astronaut to bend over and pick up something, such as a rock. All in safety thanks to a series of seals that offer protection from the abrasive moon dust that has managed to adhere to the surfaces of the suit and has made its way into every corner and crack of the Apollo suits.

NASA: here is the latest generation suit to go to the moon

The suit also has fewer seams and will use new materials to keep dust out. Also, in an environment with 100 percent oxygen, it should help astronauts get to work immediately rather than having to spend time in the “pre-breathing” phase to eliminate nitrogen from the body. The suit’s life support system should provide the astronaut with about eight hours of air, with an extra hour in case of need.

In August, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 50 years of landing on the moon at the US Congress, a prototype of the ILC Dover suit was presented with a digital screen to stay connected in space.

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