Merve Terim, daughter of Fatih Terim, exploded! I’m incredibly frustrated …


“I am incredibly frustrated, I want to ask one by one as a son of those who are instrumental in making a statement from his social media account.” Expressing his anger with his words, Merve Terim shared the following statements in his sharing.

“I haven’t slept for 24 hours, my fear increases even more at night, and it starts at this time, I worry that it is going well, I don’t think it is good for my heart, but I can not think well before I get out of it, I am even more anxious because I am far away. I lost my grandmother in someone, I try to think well. I want to ask for an account, I think I have been injured and I want to revolt, we try not to show Yaman, but the child is sensing this, “My grandfather is sad about something that has not cut his beard, so why are you crying?” Comfort myself and send everything I will enter, say it will pass, but it is evening, when it is evening news we can not get it, it does not happen in the morning, it does not pass, but it is good to write a single time, I think it is everything I have for us breasts always, I say for him if I can also breast it, I can’t do it too, it doesn’t hurt to do anything, it hurts me long. I can’t throw out the fear that something will happen; because it is our mountain, and if our mountain goes, our bond will be broken. ”

Merve Terim, daughter of Fatih Terım, exploded I am incredibly angry ...

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