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Med team

MDA team in actionPhoto: Tomer Nauberg, Flash 90

On these troubled days, in light of the spread of the Corona virus and the heavy burden on hospitals, Magen David Adom embarked on a national emergency plan to provide medical care to those in isolation.

As part of the program, 3,000 drives will be deployed immediately across the country to treat patients at home without being referred to hospitals as much as possible.

In order to carry out the program as required, MDA urgently needs 3,000 professional medical files to equip the specially mobilized drives to respond to calls on the ground. However, each such case is estimated at NIS 4,700.

As a result, MDA embarked on an extensive mass funding campaign calling on the public to take part in it. Any critical contribution, especially due to the fact that MDA is not budgeted by the state, which is the national rescue organization of the State of Israel.

All activities of the organization are made possible by the sale of services and donations of philanthropists from Israel and abroad. Incidentally, the state does not budget but does monitor the evacuation prices in the ambulance.

The files of the drives for which MDA came out in the campaign include: Corona test kits, protective masks, resuscitation device, respirator, oxygen balloons and medication to provide patients with emergency medical care, at home.

Every day, tens of thousands of calls are received to the various centers, and the large burden on the organization makes it difficult to provide an effective and life-saving solution for everyone. With this equipment and protection it will be possible.

The emergency requires us, the citizens, to take responsibility for our lives and help MDA prepare for us in every scenario, for our lives and our loved ones. MDA friends call on each and every one of you, to be part of the national effort and to help fund the drive cases for MDA teams. It’s a matter of life and death!

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