Matches postponed in the Super League! When will the league start?


Corona due to virus Super League‘also delay The verdict is out! Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, footballHe announced that the leagues were indefinitely interrupted after a meeting with the Presidents of Basketball and Volleyball Federations and the President of the Clubs Association Foundation.

Along with the Super League, basketball and volleyball leagues were postponed.

Kasapoğlu used the following words after the meeting;

coronavirus Our struggle regarding the epidemic continues. From the moment where the epidemic first appeared in Turkey are one of the fast and effective measures in recipient countries. An operation center and Science Committee affiliated with our Ministry of Health are important guides. We have institutions that follow possible scenarios and take precautions. Our state continues to take all the measures it can, quickly and in a coordinated manner. Hopefully we will overcome this epidemic as nation and state. It is important to comply with the measures regarding the 14-day quarantine process.

Our dormitories across the country are important in terms of quarantine measures. We opened 35 dormitories in 14 cities to our health ministry. Our students preferred to go home during the holiday period. We did not receive money from them during this period. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this process.


Coronavirus is one of the areas that it affects most in the world. In countries where the outbreak cannot be controlled, sports activities are stopped. UEFA also postponed EURO 2020 to 2021. It was decided to take the Champions League final, which we prepared with great effort in Istanbul, to a later date. We are in a fast cooperation with each unit. We get applications quickly.


This meeting was important to us. We would like to thank our federation presidents and other attending presidents. Our aim is to set up today and tomorrow of Turkish sports. In the last 18 years, the place we came in sports is certain. We want this process not to lead us to an altitude loss. On the contrary, we want to pass this process well in terms of compilation and recovery.

As a result of the coronavirus evaluation meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr. President and following the meetings; it was decided to postpone the handball, volleyball, basketball and football leagues in the context of the precautionary measures taken.


Today, we decided to postpone for our leagues at our meeting with our football, volleyball, basketball federations and clubs association heads. I hope we will have this process better and we will get stronger.

The health of our athletes is very important to us during the delay period. We have to take the necessary measures for these. Foreign athletes need sensitivity abroad. We talked about it with our heads. They said they would seriously follow the quarantine processes for 14 days.

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TFF President Nihat Özdemir took the floor afterwards and used the following words; “ We will determine the date of the postponement of the league after our studies. ”

The speech of Nihat Özdemir is as follows;

TFF President Nihat Özdemir, after the sports coronavirus summit in Ankara, Demirören News He answered the agency’s (DHA) questions. Ozdemir, recalling the 26 weeks they completed, “stayed in 8 matches. Each team will play 34 games. Plus 2 units Agriculture, Turkey Cup semi-final, got the post in the final. There is also the Medipol Başakşehir Champions League return match. What we have such a process. We As TFF, when the league starts on any date, we have a Champions League final to be played on June 27 – I hope we will play on June 27 – all our plans, programs and dates are ready with alternatives, as we all know, coming to the 26th week. Some teams of the league wanted to play, but there were those who did not want to play, but today, all the teams of the Super League do not want these games to be played and they want it to be postponed. to in. in Europe, in China, we have seen in Iran. Turkey is taking this process very well. Turkey most It is one of the leading countries in good condition, and we are constantly talking to your government and making a program. Today, our Minister of Sports has gathered 3 basic federations and we have produced this decision. We postponed our leagues. As we postponed, we talked a lot about the transverse aspect. We aim to start our leagues again and finish our leagues in a spectacular way as soon as possible. ”


stating that any kind of thought must Ozdemir, “All of our plans ready, our history is ready. Everything is clear. Both Super League, both Turkey Cup he also Başakşehir everything ready for European matches. According to the development of Turkey in the coronavirus outbreak we Clubs Association and the meeting will determine everything we do with other clubs. We will create a working group considering all leagues and this date will continue to determine the condition of the road by Turkey, “he said.


Stating that they can only announce the fixture as TFF, Nihat Özdemir said: “We only declare the fixture. But it is up to them to manage their own football player, to allow, not to allow them. will proceed depending on the administration. we took this decision because of not wanting to get out of the house of Talent. themselves plan will and will march accordingly. our goal is to start in April our league. according to the decision by Turkey coronavirus related to planning and the Ministry of Health and Science Board Order, we will decide . “.


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TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “After the postponement decision, our job will be different. We will have requests from the clubs. They should not leave the measure in this process.” used his words.


Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “We were happy to take the decision that the residents are waiting for, listening to what we want to host and tell us here. When we say health, it made us happy that all the decisions taken as a state were made on behalf of athletes and sports clubs. The world and our country are going through a difficult process. In this process, we conveyed the concerns of our athletes to our minister. We were in consultation with them. We are happy that state institutions are wiser than federations. This decision made our athletes, teachers and referees happy. We also did our part in the measures taken. After that, we will have things we want from clubs and athletes. They should take good care of themselves. I hope we will restart leagues soon. May this decision be beneficial to our sport. ”

MEHMET AKİF ÜSTÜNDAĞ: “We are in a difficult situation”

VF President Mehmet Akif Üstündağ said, “The decision taken here will not be left as it was taken. We are in a difficult situation as a volleyball branch. The Olympic preparation is very important to us. ”

” Health comes before everything. We came together today with the invitation of our minister. Our minister met with our federation presidents and discussed the most accurate decision and this decision was taken. I would like to thank our minister for being sensitive to our opinions. Good luck to Turkish sports. We need to be planned and programmed. We will act in a sincere and transparent manner with our clubs. Hopefully we will meet our clubs in healthy matches in a short time. ”


“We support the decision taken as football clubs,” said Mehmet Sepil, “At the point reached, this measure was compulsory for the health of athletes and coaches. At this meeting, everyone agreed. The spoken things were the same. We shared the same feelings and ideas. Of course, the work does not end here. As our Minister and TFF President explained, our clubs and the federation will work fast and make decisions about how to manage the process. I will call our Super League leaders to the meeting tomorrow. We had been exchanging information with them for days. We have a lot of problems ahead of us. There are contracts to end at the end of May, there is a league calendar. We need to discuss them and make a decision. We thank our minister. The process, which was played without an audience, was also well overcome. After that, TFF and clubs will work together and determine the calendar. ”


Turkey Football Federation Vice Chairman of Wealth, said after the meeting coronavirus;

” The aim of UEFA’s postponement of EURO 2020 for the coronavirus was to finish the end of June and July of the leagues in Europe, the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. With this decision, we will determine our calendar and take a decision. We will act according to the developments. ”

“Can there be different formulas for determining the champion?

Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu asked this question, “No one should be uncertain about the process management. All stakeholders work with sincerity and cooperation. We will evaluate the calendars and processes together and share this with our people. The quarantine measures of our Ministry of Health accept no exceptions. Both our athletes and their families. The same will be applied to all of them. ”


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