Many came out despite the restrictions; Ministry of Health warns: We will step up


On the day the number of Corona patients in Israel jumped in 178 and reached 883 people
Many ignored the restrictions and set off for beaches and streets.

The Ministry of Health has called on citizens to stay home, warning that “if the public does not comply with the guidelines, there will be no escape from stricter measures.”

The world continues to report on worsening data, and in Israel, too, the first death case – Aryeh Even, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor from Jerusalem was recorded.

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“Even though the sun stays home!”, The Health Ministry statement instructed the public to stay home, “the beautiful weather is no reason to go outside.”

Director General of the Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Good sign said: “Do not leave home. Follow the Health Ministry’s guidelines, otherwise we will find ourselves in a significant outbreak.

“I ask the public to stay home, whoever is out – please come home.”

According to the update sent earlier by the Ministry of Health, the condition of 15 of the patients is difficult, the condition of 19 is moderate.

CEO Director General of the Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Good sign Photo: Yoav Dodkavitz

Among the severely defined patients, there are three who are critically ill: an 89-year-old who is admitted to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, a 91-year-old who is admitted to Wolfson Hospital in Holon, and an 82-year-old who is admitted to Sharon Hospital. This is in addition to a 45-year-old man in serious condition and no background illness, who is admitted to Wolfson.

Mayor Ramat Gan Carmel, whose mother HaCohen warns that if the disregard for instructions continues, he will completely close the parks. “Significant violations of the emergency regulations for preventing the spread of the Corona during Shabbat in the parks end up endangering the lives of us all. In light of the fact that the municipality has no enforcement powers except for the announcement, I personally contacted the station commander, Deputy Chief Justice Yair Weitzenberg. He said that the public’s irresponsibility combined with the inability to enforce would leave no choice but to close the parks, “Please obey the emergency instructions. We fully understand the need to clear up but must do so while adhering to the rules. This is about the danger of you and all of us at the end of the day.”

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