LIVE TJ – At Home With Juve, PARATICI: “My city particularly affected. In retreat I exulted with Buffon for the victory of Gabbani. That time in Ecuador I risked …”


Appointment at 15 with the JTv format At Home With Juve. Claudio Zuliani and Enrico Zambruno will be in connection with Fabio Guild and with Gregorio Paltrinieri. The Chief Football Officer black and white and the swimmer well-known Juventus fan will answer questions from fans who arrived at the hashtag #ACasaConLaJuve. will follow the words of the two protagonists live.

Zambruno: “There has been a change of plans, there is no Dybala who is well, he is in isolation and we send him a big hug and Fabio Paratici is in his place. Today’s theme is traveling companions. We are far apart but united, we all donate together to fundraising for Piedmont hospitals, we have already exceeded 430 thousand euros ”

Guild: “You are all at home, I come from a particularly affected land like Piacenza. All the things we have heard in these days have served to raise awareness but it is not enough, we all continue to stay at home”.

Zambruno: “Gregorio, what are you doing these days?”

Paltrinieri: “My swimming pool is open only to the four of us who train, it is a sports center and I am segregated here. I have a room and a restaurant where I go to eat”

Zuliani: “I brought out the Divine Comedy, I don’t know whether to be worried but I resist. Fabio do you have an anecdote to tell us about your travels?”

Guild: “Meanwhile, I would like to thank you because you technically replaced me in Dybala and you physically compared me to Paltrinieri. It couldn’t have been worse … Let’s say I was lucky enough to travel a lot, I did six years at Sampdoria where I was always away I remember one year a South American followed in Ecuador and to meet the family of a footballer they gave me an appointment at a bus station in Quito in one of the most infamous areas. To make a good impression I put on a jacket and tie, with the my briefcase and I was taken to the taxi driver who, seeing me get off in that place, asked me if I was safe. I crossed the station with my head down, hoping that nobody would put my hands on my neck and I arrived in this bar. The second in Canada to watch the game of Chile U17, we were already following Vidal, it was the famous game in which they arrested the players in the underpass ”

Zuliani: “You Gregorio do you have any anecdote, perhaps more in the open sea than in the pool?”

Paltrinieri: “Many things happen in the open sea. It happened in a race that was full of jellyfish and I swam by mistake and I threw it at someone”

Zambruno: “Let’s do a quiz that involves everyone, for Fabio the theme will be Sanremo as he is a great music lover. For Gregorio instead quiz on Juve”

Guild: “Yes it’s true, with Gabriella Ravizzotti (Juve press office editor’s note) we exchange many links of new music talents”

Zambruno: “Who won Sanremo 1980?”

Guild: “Toto Cutugno”

Zambruno: “Very good! Gregorio, tell me 5 players who wore Juventus’ number 10 shirt?”

Paltrinieri: “So, Dybala, Del Piero, Tevez, Pogba and Baggio”

Zambruno: “Sanremo 1996, Ron and Tosca won, with which song?”

Guild: “I would like to meet you in a hundred years”

Zambruno: “You are unbeatable. Greg, 5 French players who played in Juventus?”

Paltrinieri: “Matuidi, Trezeguet, Platini, Vieira and Pogba”

Zambruno: “Fabio, Sanremo 1997 was won by a couple who didn’t have much success in their career, which one?”

Guild: “I would not have known but I thank the suggestion, the Jalisse”

Zambruno: “Gregorio, which team did Juventus buy Del Piero from?”

Paltrinieri: “Padua”

Zambruno: “Claudio, in what role did Paratici play?”

Zuliani: “In which role he didn’t play, you were a joker not Fabio?”

Guild: “Yes, I tried to insert myself where the others were missing. To take advantage of the few games I could play I tried to adapt”

Zuliani: “Is there a player today that looks like you?”

Guild: “Not today, but from the recent past: Pessotto”

Zambruno: “Fabio tell me at least two Juventus singers who won Sanremo?”

Guild: “Eros Ramazzotti is one, the other was the subject of an exultation between me and Buffon in a retreat is Gabbani. I remember it very well”

Zambruno: “Gregory, where was Khedira born?”

Paltrinieri: “Frankfurt?”

Zambruno: “No! Stuttgart!”

Zambruno: “Fabio, how are you doing with swimming?”

Guild: “When I can swim a few times a week, I would like to do it more but I’m bored. I admire athletes so much that they manage to be so alone in the water”

Paltrinieri: “90% of the time I am bored too! I swim five hours a day every day, you are always with your head underwater immersed in your thoughts which on the one hand is beautiful but clearly when you do tiring workouts you are always there alone and it’s not easy ”

Zambruno: “Fabio what is your portrait of Gregorio?”

Guild: “I followed Gregorio when he started to approach the Olympics. I followed him with great attention, as did Campriani, Goggia, Brignone and Quadarella. Italy has a group of new champions ready to replace others like Buffon, Valentino Rossi. I I also read his book, there is a part in which he explains the weight of the responsibility of having to win. I saw myself a bit in what is our situation in recent years: that winning by force that takes away a little if you are not always there ”

Paltrinieri: “My situation is similar to that of Juve. When they tell you that you have to win by force you start to believe it too, it seems that everything is taken for granted. In my book I wanted to explain that”

Zuliani is Paltrinieri they challenge each other in a challenge of the exultations of Juventus players.

Zambruno: “Fabio, how did you cheer when you scored?”

Guild: “I never scored. It was so rare that maybe I had to do 10 together to recover”

Zambruno: “What music do you listen to Greg?”

Paltrinieri: “American Rap, Jay-Z”

Zambruno: “Gregory, three movies or TV series you want to recommend?”

Paltrinieri: “My favorite movie for sure:” Whiplash “. The other night I saw” Ultras “and then I say” Space Jam “”

Zambruno: “Fabio tell us another anecdote and then recommend visions”

Guild: “I had to see a double game in Poland and I stayed 10 days locked in the room for snow. I practically went to the internet point and then I was there 20 hours. I was alone 10 days in a hotel in Krakow. When the bill came of my internet point at Sampdoria they rightly cut him off from my salary … I can tell you a movie that I really liked that is Joker. I found the Sky Sport Room very interesting these days and then read more about Sky Arte. the last book by Walter Veltroni ”

Zuliani: “I recommend the new album by Brunori Sas”



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