In Lombardy stop at construction sites and offices – Chronicle


(ANSA) – MILAN, MARCH 21 – Suspension of the activity of the
public offices, professional practice activities, the
stoppage of activities on construction sites and prohibition of playing sports e
motor activities carried out outdoors, even individually. IS’
as established by an order of the governor of Lombardy
Attilio Fontana. The new ordinance “comes into force tomorrow and
produces effect – unless otherwise specified
to the evolution of the epidemiological situation – until 15
April. “Newsagents and pharmacies remain open.

“Our health authorities – said Fontana – there
require you to act as quickly as possible. The situation does not
on the contrary, it keeps getting worse “.

“To supermarkets, pharmacies, workplaces, a
starting from health and hospital facilities, it is recommended to
care of the manager / owner to provide for the detection of the
body temperature. “The ordinance also includes” the closure of
all accommodations except those related to
emergency management “.


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