“I will report to Parliament every 15 days, we will come out improved” – Libero Quotidiano


The prime minister graces democracy: “I will report to Parliament every 15 days, I or a minister,” he explains Giuseppe Conte in the press conference to “explain” in detail the close-Italy decree announced on Saturday at midnight, via Facebook. After the summit with the oppositions on Monday evening at Palazzo Chigi, who knows if Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Meloni will be satisfied with the “magnanimous concession”.

Politically, this is the biggest news of the press conference, but there is another passage that leaves us rather dumbfounded. Denying the rumors that the government is ready to extend the “lockdown” of the shops and non-essential activities until July, Conte takes advantage of it for a sermon to the Italians: “This is a very tough test. On these days forced to stay at home we will have more time to reflect on our life we will learn from itIn short, the epidemic as an opportunity to change lifestyle, “reconvert”. Stuff alla Greta, vaguely new age, just minutes from the new tragic bulletin on the dead, soaring again.

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