Huge difference in labor cost in EU countries


European Statistical Office (Eurostat) Announced hourly labor costs excluding agriculture and public sectors in 27 EU member countries. Accordingly, there have been large differences in labor costs among EU member states.

Average 27.7 in the EU euro Hourly labor costs varied between 6 euro and 44.7 euro by country. EU countries The highest labor cost was among Denmark.

Denmark ranked top among EU member states with a labor cost of 44.7 euros per hour. Denmark was the closest, Luxembourg with 41.6 euro, Belgium with 40.5 euro, France with 36.6 euro, Netherlands with 36.4 euro and Sweden with 36.3 euro.

The dominant economy of the EU last year was 35.6 euro per hour in Germany, 28.8 euro in Italy, 21.8 euro in Spain, 34.7 euro in Austria and 16.4 in Greece It was determined at the euro level.

The lowest hourly labor cost in the EU last year was in Bulgaria with 6 euro. Romania was followed by the labor cost of 7.7 euro per hour, Lithuania with 9.4 euro, Hungary and Latvia with 9.9 euro.


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