HSR forms and classified personal information were thrown in the trash


With personal details: Halachic forms thrown in the bin (Photo: Meir Ohayon)

They were sent on leave for free, contacted the Employment Service – and then, to their amazement, discovered that the forms they had submitted were in the nearest trash can. Forms submitted by Eilat residents for unemployment benefit following the Corona crisis, which they find from the garbage, contain personal information. Hours later, forms were still visible in the same place, with the personal details supposed to be classified. In the Employment Service, an accusatory finger pointed to the cleaner: “The forms had to be removed but the cleaner took them in the trash. This is a mistake to be investigated.”

This morning, the Employment Service announced that from yesterday at 6 pm to 8 am, 95,613 jobseekers were registered to work. As of the beginning of March, there were 329,812 new job seekers in total, of whom 86% had been paid for free leave, 9% had been laid off and 2% had resigned. 45% of new job seekers are 54-35 years old. 20-34 year-olds make up 37% of jobseekers and those aged 55 and over – 18%. Of all jobseekers, 53% are men and 47% are women.

Forms applyThe discarded forms(Photo: Meir Ohayon)

Among the job seekers are also many residents of Eilat, which became a ghost town following the crisis
– and also suffered heavy damage following the recent storm.
Shlomo Biton of Eilat, who happened to be on the scene to complete a forgotten form, revealed to his dismay that the forms he filled out just minutes ago were thrown in the trash, along with dozens of other documents including photo ID cards, passport photos, pay slips, letters from workplaces and personal details of applicants.

“I went to the employment bureau to submit the ILA forms,” ​​said Biton. “At the gate of the bureau they placed a basket with instructions to place the forms. I put in the forms and at the same time went to Social Security near the Employment Bureau to see that everything was filed and worked correctly. The person in charge there told me it was missing form. I went back to the Employment Bureau to complete the missing form and asked the person in charge there to bring me the form. He couldn’t find the form. I told him I put it here just minutes ago, and he told me they might have thrown it in the trash. I was amazed, I was in the market for the answers I got. Coincidentally, in those moments I saw the bureau worker coming out with two trash bags loaded with paperwork. ”

“I asked a friend who joined me to help me search these bags,” he added. “We started searching and found the pages I submitted just minutes ago with dozens of pages that include people’s personal details, photo IDs, pay slips. Details that should not go this way in the garbage can. I asked the person from the employment bureau what it does. To say. Even if you handled the forms, it was very serious that the personal details of people were visible to everyone. ”

Deserted City: Eilat (Photo: Meir Ohayon)Eilat, a city in crisis(Photo: Meir Ohayon)

Boris, who assisted Beatton in submitting the forms, said he was amazed to see this: “We happened to see the cleaner with the bins and to our surprise we found all his documents and other people’s submissions. We should have received a phone message requesting treatment and the fact that such a message was not received.”

The Employment Service responded: “The photographed forms as if they were discarded without treatment present a false image. These forms were treated with dedication and entered into our computerized system in order to transfer them to the National Insurance Institute for unemployment benefit payments. So the case will not change, but there is no reason to claim that the bureau did not handle the forms.We apologize for the mistake and do everything that will not come back.The Eilat bureau, like other employment service bureaus, assists with receiving forms outside the bureau, although there is no public reception to help urgently for all The same people who found themselves out of work, so we will continue Do everything to quickly and efficiently help all those people. ”

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