Hebrew News – Teva will help US hospitals: drug developed may be effective against corona disease


“May help the infected”: Teva will donate 10 million tablets at the request of the US government

The North American division of the Israeli pharmaceutical giant announced that it had complied with the administration’s request and donated the malaria drug that could be used as an effective treatment for COVID-19. At the same time, a Japanese drug has been tested and found active in hundreds of patients in China. Its mass production process is expected to begin in the next two months

The Israeli pharmaceutical company intends to donate more than 10 million tablets of Falquanil, a malaria drug that may be used to treat COVID-19, the disease found in the corona virus.

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The Israeli pharmaceutical giant is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydroxychloroquine, the drug is currently used for malaria prevention and treatment, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus treatment. Although no official confirmation has been received that this drug could help Corona adherents, President Trump implored US health authorities to expand its use.

Following the president’s remarks, Teva decided to donate 6 million tablets in about 10 days. Nature also said that within a month, another 10 million tablets would be sent, all of which would be donated. Following the announcement, Teva’s share jumped at least 7 percent this morning (up two hours earlier), a 10 percent jump.

Kelly Doherty, a spokeswoman for Nature, said that Health and Human Services (HHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials contacted the company this week to significantly increase hydroxychloroquine deliveries.

“We are committed to providing as many tablets as are needed to increase Corona’s fight, and we will do so free of charge,” explained Brandon O’Grady, vice president of Teva’s North American division. “Once we realized that hydroxylchloroquine could help, we did an inventory count and increased production rates “, He added.

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“We are currently responding to the immediate need of the United States government. This is a unique situation and we are fully aware of it,” spokeswoman Doherty added.

At the same time, reports in the UK media that a Japanese drug designed to treat influenza have also been effective for Corona patients in the outbreak country, China.

It has tested over 300 patients and Chinese officials say it has produced positive results.

It is a drug called Fujifirbir developed by a subsidiary of Japanese photography giant Fujifilm. According to research done in the case, in patients taking the drug, the virus “evaporated” in less than five days. In addition, lung function improved wonders for almost all patients.

It should be noted that, based on the results of the studies, Pvipirbir was found to be effective for patients with mild to moderate status, but not among those whose condition was defined as more severe. It should be approved for large-scale production in the next two months.


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