Giorgia in tears for Baroni’s mother who died of Coronavirus


Among the victims of the epidemic, also Marina Marcelletti, mother of the exceptional talent singer who passed away at the age of 35, in 2002, due to a motorcycle accident. Baroni had a long relationship with the Roman artist.

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Coronavirus has gone away Marina Marcelletti, mother of the singer Alex Baroni, who disappeared in a tragic accident in the 2002. The woman died after the infection Covid 19.

In the last hours, on the web, the emotional greeting arrived from Giorgia, that with Baroni had a long and profound love story, which ended just before the misfortune.

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Here is the post with which Giorgia paid homage to the lady Marcelletti:”Hello Marina, I want to think of you with your beloved son now, laughing at the madness of life. What an exceptional woman you have been, Marina Baroni».

Baroni’s mother died from Coronavirus: the post of her granddaughter

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To report the disappearance of the woman, infected by Coronavirus, was the nephew, Valeria Frasca. Valeria wrote in a Facebook post, full of grace and delicacy: «So far only numbers. You read them, and perhaps your instinct for life makes you think that that thing will never touch you. Talking about your pain on social media is a complicated and questionable thing I know. But for once I break the rule ». He then described his beloved aunt: “He had a very long braid and it was the sunniest and most positive woman I’ve ever known. He lost a son many years ago, some of you may remember him, he was a singer. Her name was Alex Baroni».

To overcome that devastating mourning, Marina he began to run, as he recalls Valeria: «A runner would be said today. And he started traveling, traveling everywhere, always on the move. Marina took the Coronavirus and reached her Alex tonight. There will be no funeral, but an immense thought for her, which can also run up there in the sky. Hello immense Marina»Concluded the granddaughter.

The disappearance of Alex Baroni: the drama of Giorgia

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In the late nineties Alex Baroni had deserved success thanks to a special voice and a series of songs like To change, The distance of a love, waves, Only for you.

It was the March 19, 2002 when Baroni he was the victim of an accident with his motorbike on the Circonvallazione Clodia in Rome. He went into a coma and died a few weeks later on the morning of April 13, 2002, alone 35 years.

The relationship between Giorgia is Baroni, very intense and rich in art and feeling, began in 1997 and lasted four years, stopping shortly before the terrible accident that resulted in the death of the talented Milanese singer-songwriter. Every year the Roman artist remembers his colleague and ex-boyfriend with an exciting social thought on the anniversary of his death.


A year ago, guest at very true up Channel 5, Giorgia she commented to the presenter Silvia Toffanin: «I’ve never been good at talking about him, but Alex it must be remembered, as a man and as an artist, because it represented an important moment for Italian music ». And he confessed: «His loss was a chasm in my life is in that of his family. The night before he died he had left me a message on the phone to which I had not replied. I kept this message for a long time, then it was deleted. I think it was a sign ».


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