Full details of the National Insurance Regulations for Emergency: It is important to read


We have compiled for you Social Security Notices regarding emergency regulations announced in recent days. Cut and save.

Grant for those who have passed the age of 67 – If you passed the age of 67 and were taken out of the USSR or were fired following the Corona crisis after March 1, 2013, you will be eligible for a grant based on your pension income:

• For March, grants between NIS 1,000 and NIS 2,000 will be paid.

• For April, grants between NIS 1,000 and NIS 4,000 will be paid.

You can receive this grant together with the veteran citizen’s allowance.

pay attention, who will Who have passed You age 67 – to Sign up In service Employment And don’t Submit Claim For my fee unemployment. These days Upcoming Will be published Instructions how Get You The grant.

We will pay unemployment benefits even for those who are not registered with the Employment Service – Anyone who filed a claim for unemployment benefit and did not register in the Employment Service in March could pay him unemployment benefit for March.

pay attention, installation this No Canceling You The need In the registry In service Employment. If No You have signed up Still, It is important To sign up, Other No We can pay to you for a month April.

A down payment of NIS 2,000 We work at a crazy rate to pay you unemployment benefits before Passover. If his claim is not completed, we will pay him an advance of NIS 2,000 on his unemployment benefit, and the rest of the unemployment benefit will be paid as soon as the treatment is completed.

Shortening the training period In fact, some unemployed who were previously not eligible for unemployment benefits will be able to receive an allowance during the current crisis.

If you were taken out of the USSR or fired after 1 March 20, and you have at least 6 working months in the last 18 months, you will be eligible for unemployment benefits.

pay attention, If there is to you only 6 monthly Working You will Get bloody unemployment For the duration half watery Unemployment Vs who will Accumulated 12 monthly Working. for example, If who will That to him 12 OhWork flaps are entitled to 100 days of unemployment, those who have 6 months will be entitled to 50 days.

Half of the working period = half of unemployment.

So what should you do? Register on the Employment Service website and submit to the Social Security claim for unemployment benefits on the website.

Extra unemployment days – Unemployed, if you run out of unemployment days after March 1, 20, we will extend you the period of automatic unemployment benefit entitlement by April 30, 20.

pay attention, Extension The automatic She only whom Not Finish You Year Unemployment their (sleep From today at him You have stabilized first In service Employment). If Finished Year Unemployment, you TThey are filing a new claim for unemployment benefits.

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