From the recommendation not to go to China to the ban on leaving the house: that’s how the Corona crisis unfolded



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Exactly two months ago, Israel took the first step on the issue of the Corona virus, which has spread rapidly in several regions of China. The Jerusalem Ministry of Health then advised Israelis not to go to the outbreak centers. A month later, the virus also reached Israel. Today, on March 24, there are already more than 1,900 Corona patients in Israel – three have died. And the numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate.

The Ministry of Health is changing the guidelines and calls for avoiding trips that are not necessary to China. The Minister of Health, Jacob Litzman, was not well versed in what he called the Corona – “Walla of those.” On January 28, a situation assessment was held at the Ministry of Health, where it was estimated that the virus would reach Israel.

The Ministry of Health is considering Charge travelers returning from China to stay home for a few days.
The next day, El Al announced that it was canceling its flights to China. On January 31, the Foreign Ministry entered the picture and issued a travel warning in which Israelis were advised to leave China and Chinese were banned from entering the country. In China, they protested, saying, “In the Holocaust, we opened our gates to the Jews, do not close the gates to the Chinese.”

Israelis are staying on the Diamond Princess ship, which docked off the coast of Japan, where corona patients were discovered. The Ministry of Health recommends Israelis consider travel to Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and destinations in the Far East. On February 7th, the returnees from Thailand were instructed to avoid contact with those around them.

The Ministry of Health is stricter in the return guidelines from the Far East. After assessing the situation, it was decided that the returnees from Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau – in addition to China – would spend two weeks in isolation.

The Corona arrived in Israel,
After boarding the Corona, which was flown to Israel, she became infected. Because she was in isolation at Sheba, she didn’t catch anyone. Another Israeli who was on the ship was also infected.

Israel announces that it will not allow tourists to enter South Korea,
After Koreans toured the country turned out to be blue. As a result, hundreds of students who came into contact with them had to go into isolation. At the same time, the Ministry of Health announced that returnees from South Korea and Japan should enter the isolation.

South Korean tourists on the router22.2 South Korean tourists at Ben Gurion Airport

After a first person died from Corona in Italy, they were released New guidelines for anyone returning from Italy and Australia with symptoms should be checked.
On February 26, with 374 Corona patients in the boot country, the Ministry of Health announced that anyone returning from Italy in the last 14 days was required to go into isolation. The next day, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced that Israel would not allow the Italians to enter the country.

A man who had returned from Italy to Israel four days earlier had been diagnosed with the virus. Then it turned out that it was Director of the “Red Pirate” branch in Or Yehuda,
Who caught up with his wife, two employees in the store and also a buyer. The next day the number of patients rose to seven, after several other patients were discovered – among them the wife of the patient who returned from Italy, which was in fact the first to be infected in the country.

6 (Photo: Yariv Katz)29.2 Disinfection at the Red Pirate Store(Photo: Yariv Katz)

Knesset elections. The number of Corona patients in a small country, and to allow those in isolation to vote, was stationed “Corona polling stations
Special. Two days later, it became clear that a Corona patient who had contracted the Red Pirate branch was in the Tel Aviv derby football, which resulted in some fans getting in isolation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the extension of the guidelines. He announced that anyone returning from France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland would be isolated, and recommended avoiding shaking hands. In addition, it was decided not to hold events involving more than 5,000 people. This is the first press conference at which Netanyahu talked about the virus. March 9th. Every Israeli who returned from abroad was required to enter the isolation. It was decided for tourists that they would enter the country only if there was a place where they could be in isolation. Subsequently, the decision and entry for tourists was changed.

3082 ()5.3 Assessment of Corona virus status

While there were 82 Corona patients in Israel – the guidelines were tightened. Public congregations have been limited to up to 100 people, but in the meantime, the Ministry of Health has allowed schools, workplaces and public transport to operate normally. The next day, the number of Corona patients in Israel crossed the 100th boundary.

Netanyahu announces the cessation of schooling and higher education, except for special education schools. After two days, Netanyahu announced that any business relating to the leisure culture would be closed. “Keep two meters from each other,” he asked. It was also decided that kindergartens, nurseries and special education would also be closed. More than ten people in one space were banned. Due to the instructions, Netanyahu’s trial was rejected.

6 (Photo: AP)15.3 A closed school in Ramat Gan(Photo: AP)

The Ministry of Health announces new guidelines, and urges not to leave home if there is no obligation. According to the guidelines passed, parks, malls and the beach are not allowed. In full detail it is mentioned that public spaces can only be taken out of the family or with an animal.

After 677 patients were diagnosed in Israel, the government approved emergency regulations. Departure is only allowed for work, food, medicines and essential products, medical service, blood donation, demonstration, sports activities for up to five people – subsequently limited to two – a religious ceremony and a short and limited departure from the home – for example, a walk with the dog. Netanyahu: “Stay home.” Public transport was greatly reduced and completely canceled over the weekend.

Israel has joined the long list of countries where Corona patients died. Arie Ibn, 88, of Jerusalem, who was admitted to Shaare Zedek Hospital, died of the virus. Two other Israelis died today.

The number of patients rose to 1,656 and the government is still discussing By stricter restrictions.
The Ministry of Health is demanding a complete closure, but there are opponents, in part because of the implications for the economy. Since the directives came into effect, more than 600,000 new unemployed persons have been registered in the employment offices.

The first two Corona patients were passengers on the Corona ship brought to Japan from Japan on the flight. The first Israeli found to be infected with the virus, after wandering around the country for several days, was the director of the Red Pirate in Or Yehuda, ill number 3, discovered on February 27 By the end of the month there were ten Corona patients in Israel. On March 6, the number of patients reached 22, and three days later – 59. The rate of immigration did not stop and on March 12 reached 130. On March 15, 253 Corona patients were diagnosed in the country. On March 17, there were 421 patients in Israel.

On March 19, when the Prime Minister called residents in Israel at home, the number reached 672. On Saturday, there were 943 Corona patients in Israel. On Sunday the number reached 1,207 and yesterday there were 1,552 patients in Israel. The latest update from the Ministry of Health this morning revealed that the number of corona patients in Israel has reached 1,930 and Israel ranks 20th in the world in the number of confirmed patients.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the first tests were conducted on February 9 – even before there were corona patients in Israel. At this date, 39 tests were performed. Dozens of tests were held every day until March 4. On March 6, the number of tests increased to 302 and a week later, 711 tests were held. The number of daily tests reached 1,089 on March 15 and by March 19 it had already reached 2,350. Yesterday, March 23, according to 3,518 corona tests and 345 patients were found – ie about 10% of the tests.


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