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Popcorn Time: movies and series streaming for free, as on Netflix, but ILLEGALLY. How it works and risks Popcorn Time. Everything you need to know about Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

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Whether you’ve already heard of or not Popcorn Time, it doesn’t matter: in all cases, in fact, you just need to know that it is one of the biggest services ILLEGAL that allow you to watch movies and tv series streaming for free.

Precisely because of the fact that it is ILLEGAL, Popcorn Time has been blocked several times in the past and after the last one, dating back to a few years ago, it seemed that his adventure was over.

Obviously, however, It is not so.

Just these days, in fact, Popcorn Time is back in the limelight: site and application have been updated and the portal is back to working very well.

As anticipated, the video distribution platform had disappeared long ago precisely because contributed to the illegal dissemination of copyrighted material. In recent months, however, the developers’ Twitter account has come back into business, and announced a few hours ago the arrival of a new version of the app.

Just in the period in which users are forced to stay indoors because of Coronavirus, Popcorn Time has been updated to version 4.0: has introduced new films, new TV series, graphics and slightly renewed functions and in practice it has been improved in every respect.

Is Popcorn Time free?


Through this program users from all over the world can watch movies and tv series streaming for free, directly from home or on the move, from any device.

All of course it is totally FREE. No registration is required, you don’t have to pay anything and user data is protected by the fact that Popcorn Time works on Torrent network (despite this, at startup the program still recommends downloading and using one VPN to browse safely, anonymously and securely on the web).

What do you see with Popcorn Time?

When I talk about movies and TV series, I mean really ALL:

  • the films just released in the cinema
  • older movies
  • the TV series just released on Netflix, Prime Video, satellite TV and more

The material cataloged within Popcorn Time is mainly in the language English, but with a little attention it is not difficult to find material also in language Italian or with subtitles.

In short, it is clear that Popcorn Time is the pirate’s favorite tool to watch everything streaming for free.

Popcorn Time download

If you also want to test this tool, of course at your own risk, here is his official website:

The software is freely downloadable on PC, Mac, Android smartphones and Android TV.

Best alternatives to Popcorn Time

As much as it is a very powerful tool, I think there are better alternatives to Popcorn Time for watch movies and tv series streaming for free.

Among the best, I would like to point out these:

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