Football, Coronavirus: all the news today – March 20 – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The latest football news related to coronavirus developments.

8.40 am – Jovic and Ninkolic in Serbia “risk” arrest

“If either one goes out, he will be arrested.” So the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic commented on the release from isolation of Luka Jovic, 22 year old Real Madrid striker who has returned from Spain and currently in his apartment, and of the Ascoli Ninkolic player, who has returned to his homeland and currently to his hotel. The prosecutor will prosecute Jovic on criminal charges for leaving his apartment in the central district of Vracar, where he should have remained in self-isolation: he faces a fine and a sentence of one to 12 years in prison. “I think the two regret what they have done, but I will make it clear to them that the lives of our people are far more important than their millions,” said Vucic.

7.30 am – Celta Vigo renounces tests

After Real Valladolid, Celta Vigo is the second club in La Liga to give up coronavirus test kits so that they can be used in more urgent situations. La Liga, currently suspended, has offered 500 test swabs to its clubs, with priority being those who have traveled to high-risk areas, to ascertain any positivity of the athletes: on Wednesday, Real Valladolid refused them, saying that there are those who he needs more, followed yesterday by Celta Vigo.


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