Football and Sky is an arm wrestle: not Pay-TV


Of the television rights and penalties of football. Another extremely dangerous front is at risk of opening up: it is the one relating to the sixth and last two-monthly installment which pay tvSky Italia, Dazn – and Img must pay by contract in May. I speak of 233 million (the Sky share is 130 plus VAT). Money that for clubs, in a significant liquidity crisis, is indispensable today, to the point that some would have already discounted it (source Lotito). That’s not all: in July the payment of the first installment of the next season and to the management of Rogoredo, whose phones are hotter than ever, some presidents would even have asked to bring forward that of September.

The fact is that Sky it cannot, for obvious reasons, broadcast football matches or other sporting events. Therefore, in the absence of an agreement on several points (a meeting should take place next week), it could raise the bar of requests. His team of lawyers is assessing the situation in the light of the latest movements and the related divisions in the League, and does not exclude the use of article 1467 of the civil code (excessive burden occurred). After all, if clubs stop paying their employees (footballers) it is more than natural – say the skylawyers – that others do the same thing. The news coming from banking circles also confirms that the payments market is completely stopped: nobody pays anyone anymore. If the “phenomenon” affects the food supply chain, the troubles for the country would be unsurpassable. Other than football!

Virus permitting, the need to end the championship is becoming more pressing. Not by chance Gravina and Dal Pino, after praying every morning especially for the health of the Italians – the president of the League, coraçao brasileiro, also addresses his managerial pleas to Yemanjà: everything is needed – they are doing their utmost to present viable dates and avoid economically “bloody” clashes. Sky, while showing a lot of goodwill («we have no interest in ruining Italian football»Is the refrain), also has a not insignificant problem: must keep subscribers good who have paid to watch the games and for days have been forced to settle for reruns and films.

Needless to say, that without the balance of May the famous hole of 550 million would widen to 780. The “plan 45” studied by Eca and Uefa (the remaining matches between June and mid-July) is now considered to be salvific. However, nobody excludes that the last rounds can also take place later. In England, for example, the Premier she just said she was ready to end the ’19 -20 tournament at the end of July and start the ’20 -21 on 8 August with unprecedented continuity: after all, the clubs all gave their members three weeks of vacation, many of the which – incidentally – do not like at all the salary cut. Better to burn a summer than an entire system.


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