“Feeling in the clouds, I made him the room for isolation”


First plane lands (Photo: Yair Sagi)El Al plane lands in Lima, Peru (Photo: Yair Sagi)

El Al Company
Take a plane out (Tuesday and Wednesday) tonightTo extract from Colombia
Dozens of Israelis are left without a way to return following the closure imposed on the country and stopping its international flights as part of its response to the Corona crisis. The flight will depart tonight from Ben Gurion Airport and on Wednesday, will make its way to Israel with the Israelis. It will be the first passenger flight in El Al’s history to Colombia, and it will last 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Many Israeli backpackers have arrived in the capital Bogota in recent days, but they have had to shut themselves up in hotels, apartments and hostels as military and police personnel patrol the streets. Tomorrow night they will board a plane on their way to Israel.

El Al flight to Peru (Photo: El Al)One of the planes that brought the Israelis back from Peru (Photo: El Al)

Foreign Minister rescues Israelis abroad (Photo: Silk Ben Ami, Yaron Brenner)


Dozens of Israelis in Colombia have expressed concern over the past few days that they will be forced to stay in the country for days after the Magnus bailout was canceled due to a minority of subscribers, and no solution was found to allow them to return to Israel. Today, after asking to decide to send a plane to their rescue, the feelings among the Israelis were already quite different.

“For a few days everything is empty and closed,” said Eden, who is in an apartment in Bogota with several other Israelis. “We are allowed to go to the writer in private, but everywhere there are soldiers and police who check that no one will come out. During the days we tried to keep morale high so as not to lower the mood further, and we tried to maintain a good atmosphere and smiles. Every day there was no smear and nothing happened. , But now you see the house. ”

An Israeli Eden stuck in Bugate, Colombia ()“Everything is empty and closed.” Eden, stuck in Bogota

Bogota Colombia (Photo: Reuters)Police and soldiers on the streets of Bogota (Photo: Reuters)

Bogota Colombia (Photo: AP)Prepare for passengers at Bogota Airport (Photo: AP)

Aliza Davidovich, Yahav’s mother who has been in Colombia for the past two weeks, has set up a military service with dozens of other concerned parents. “We’ve been on this for over a week,” she said excitedly. “There have been flights canceled over and over and my son and his friends have been discouraged. We tried a lot of things and couldn’t do anything. I finally manage to breathe, feeling in the clouds. We opened a parent’s room for the parents who had not eaten and had not been drinking for five days. I already see Yahav in the country and I am already preparing the room for two weeks in isolation. ”

Yesterday, the Israeli airline announced more rescue flights to take place this week, after returning Israelis from Peru and India. These are flights departing Perth Airport in Australia this week, to the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a flight to Costa Rica and two more flights to Mumbai and Delhi in India.

El Al reports that “Following a formal governmental inquiry, El Al is preparing to issue a rescue flight to Bogota, after a general closure was imposed on Colombia, the Foreign Ministry and the Department of Transportation applied to El Al to request a return of Israeli travelers stranded in this country. And with the assistance of the IAA and foreign ministry officials, we are preparing for the flight subject to the required permits.


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