Fall in oil prices made drivers laugh


Saudi Arabia and Russia‘s failure to agree on production cuts and the negative impact of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) on the world economy were reflected in oil prices. The discount in oil prices made the drivers laugh.

Following the drop in oil prices, 16 cents per liter of gasoline and 20 cents per liter of gasoline. Thus, in the last 10 days, a total of 1 TL 45 kuruş in gasoline and 1 TL 3 kuruş in the engine has been realized. With the latest discount, diesel sold at 5.50 TL in İzmir, decreased to 5.30 TL. The discounts that made consumers laughed at the fuel stations.

Furkan Muhtaroğlu, a fuel station manager in İzmir, explained that there was a price difference of 15 cents between diesel and gasoline before, and that the price gap between gasoline and diesel was closed with discounts. There was a decrease of 1 TL in both fuels, “he said.


Furkan Muhtaroğlu stated that the warehouse of a person’s vehicle has been filled to about 300 TL before, and that the same warehouse can be filled to 220-230 TL after the discounts, and said that the customers have gained nearly 70-80 TL. Muhtaroğlu said, “It is very nice to have a reflection in this direction to the customer. At the moment both of them are advantageous because the gasoline vehicle was actually balanced because it burned more per liter. Gasoline was not preferred. The diesel was more weighted but now both are equal. The demand for gasoline is more at the moment. Gasoline customers have increased more than before. Due to the coronavirus customers do not use public transportation. Those who have vehicles usually go to their destination with their vehicles. We expect a price reduction in fuel in the coming days. ”


Stating that he is satisfied with the discounts, Ahmet Çolakoğlu said, “The discounts have benefited us. The oil prices in the world are decreasing to $ 23. We expect it to decrease further.” “But it still makes a difference,” he said.


Customer Metin Yaman said, “Because of my job, I use a lot of vehicles. Therefore, I have to fill my vehicle’s warehouse in about 2 or 3 days. Now we can fill a warehouse we previously filled with 300 TL to 250 TL. About 50 TL We have a profit. This situation pleased us as well. Hopefully the prices will drop further. We are very pleased with the discounts. ”

Fall in oil prices made drivers laugh

Source: DHA


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