entered Italy twice from Germany and China





Coronavirus, the study: entered Italy twice from Germany and China

The virus he entered Italy twice, from Germany and China, at different times. This is what emerges from the study conducted by the molecular epidemiology group of theCampus Bio-Medico University of Rome led by Massimo Ciccozzi, head of the Unit of Medical Statistics and Molecular Epidemiology, published by the Journal Medical Virology. “The research we have carried out shows that two different epidemic events have occurred in Italy two distinct and probably distant moments: one that comes directly from China, the other instead from a European country, probably Germany. This means that we Italians were not the authors of Europe, but those who suffered the event “, explains Ciccozzi.

The work was conducted with molecular epidemiology techniques, which exploit mathematical and statistical models applicable to all sequences of complete genomes of the isolated coronavirus in infected patients. “In practice these techniques – explains Ciccozzi – allow us to say, on the basis of isolated genetic differences, if a group of patients has suffered the same epidemic event or if the epidemic event is due to only one patient. In this case considering that are two groups of epidemic events in Italy slightly spaced at a temporal level from each other. ”

The availability of only two complete isolated Italian genomes in Lazio and Lombardy has however made it possible to understand how in Italy there have been multiple inputs of the virus, probably at different times even if close together and from different places suggesting a possible European linkage. The study – informs the note – was also attended by Dr. Marta Giovanetti, the porfessoressa Silvia Angeletti and Domenico Benvenuto student in the sixth year of medicine.

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